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  1. Rambler358

    Transfer photos from iPhone to iPad while travelling?

    Recently picked up an iPhone 4S and I'll be using this as my camera when I'm travelling. What's the best method to move pictures/video from my iPhone to my iPad for better viewing when I don't have access to my computer? I don't think the Apple Camera Connection Kit will do what I want?
  2. Rambler358

    Anyone familiar with the Manhattan Beach, CA Apple store?

    Thinking about bringing my iPad 2 in there for a replacement due to some screen bleeding. Should I call first for an appointment, or just walk in? I ask about this store in particular because it's the closest to me, but I've never been there. And reviews don't rate it very high. Sent from my...
  3. Rambler358

    Can anyone recommend an iPad2 6' charge/sync cable and 12v charger?

    The stock cable is really too short for me, so I'm looking for a longer one. I hear they have to be 2.1 amp rated though? And I need a reliable 12v car charger. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  4. Rambler358

    Any decent app to manage albums/folders?

    So I've had my 1st Apple device, an iPad 2 since launch day. It seems Apple doesn't give you much flexibility in managing Albums directly from the device - you have to create your albums/folders on your PC then sync them over to the iPad via iTunes. :( Is there an app or utility that will let...
  5. Rambler358

    Has anyone gotten this iPad/keyboard Portfolio case?

    I just saw this i.Sound iPad Keyboard Portfolio-Black leather case on Amazon. Has anyone used this and can comment on it? Thought this would be great for holding the iPad, some some small accessories and the Apple wireless keyboard.
  6. Rambler358

    Movies in iTunes not syncing with my iPad 2

    So I just redeemed the digital copy codes for 2 Blu-ray movies I have. iTunes now shows I have the 2 movies, but when I sync they're not copying over to my new iPad 2. Is there something special I need to do to copy movies over? I tried re-syncing again to no avail and I can't figure out...
  7. Rambler358

    Best Facebook app for iPad?

    Trying to find some options for Facebook apps on the iPad. Would like to have chat and checkin capability. What are others using and can recommend? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
  8. Rambler358

    iPad2 backlight bleed

    With black backgrounds, I notice some backlight bleed around the edges of my new iPad 2 - is this normal, and has anyone else experienced it?
  9. Rambler358

    New member - thinking about getting an iPad...

    I have an Android (Sprint HTC EVO 4G) phone, but want something bigger for eBook reading, email, social stuff, web surfing and some media. I've looked at the Android tablets, but I don't think they're quite ready for prime time just yet. So I'm thinking it's time to look at an iPad. But now...