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  1. doris ganton

    Wiping clear an iPad

    i have a 3 wk old iPaD 9.7. I bought it in Az at Apple store, they transferred the info from my Mini to the new one. The Mini had many many problems ,my reason for getting a new one. All those problems are now on my new tablet,so am in same old problem. My question is how can I save my photos to...
  2. doris ganton

    Mini 4 advantages

    I am about to get a newer Mini. I have the Mini2 .Does the Mini 4 have a port for a memory stick? Is the Mini4 a good upgrade for me?
  3. doris ganton

    ICloud use

    I download an app --i.e. shows it is in the cloud. I click on the cloud,up comes a black square in a circle .i click on that and it goes back to showing the cloud symbol. It just keeps Doing that, back and forth. How do I get it to where I can use it? Frustrated. Thanks , Doris
  4. doris ganton

    Unwanted words

    how do I clear the screen when "session timed out" appears? It ties up the screen then cannot use the program .,mini2 oss 10.3 Doris
  5. doris ganton

    Wifi/network switching

    since iOS 10 was installed, my tablet is constantly Telling me I am not connected to internet . What is Happening is in settings. In WiFi it puts The network beside that heading and the Printer name in the Network space. I have to Change it back almost every time I open my mini2
  6. doris ganton

    Email not showing numbers

    for past few months the mail icon on the strip at bottom of screen Has not been showing how many new emails there are. The guide didn't help And friends don't know. It must be a settings Thing but what? Can someone tell me? Thanks. Doris
  7. doris ganton

    IOS 10

    I have iOS10 downloaded, but it says "iPhone user guise for iOS10" I don't have an iPhone, and want the iPad user guide instead. What do I do to get this? Doris
  8. doris ganton

    Version 10.0.2

    My settings show that I have version 10.0.2,but the guide in iBooks shows only 9.1 so I cannot Access it . How do I get it into the iBooks listing?
  9. doris ganton

    Battery problem?

    My mini 2 is not even a year old. For past several months I have to recharge every day, sometimes twice a day. Light use, mainly reading emails . How to find out if something unknown is running All the time ? Or suggestions....... Thanks , Doris
  10. doris ganton

    Text jumbled

    Every day some of the emails arrive completed jumbled. Looks like the message has been pushe together. Can't read it at all, tried making it bigger, still cannot read it. Has been doing this for a year!
  11. doris ganton

    Mini2 losing emails and apps

    My fairly new mini has been losing whole screens of emails, most of which are gone. Sometimes some of them show up days later. It is also losing Apps. I.e. My IPF APP Is gone and I have to get in via Google. Also several times I have an email almost finished typing and it just Disappears. It...
  12. doris ganton


    I know this was answered a couple yrs ago but I can't find it. My question:How to turn off Pandora and Music. There is no off Doris
  13. doris ganton


    I do like my new Mini2 , but I cannot see anywhere to increase the volume on the 'sound alerts' . I have always had a different sound play for each account, and on my iPad3 it was loud. This one is only audible if one is right close to it. How can I increase the volume on that feature? Doris
  14. doris ganton

    Clear screen

    I clicked on my IPF icon, on this brand new mimi2 and it told me my iPad was out of date and to click"here" to download the latest version of IPF. I did that and it has been 'loading' for two days and I cannot get rid of it. Cannot move it or cancel it , no other info or icons on that screen. I...
  15. doris ganton

    Find my iPad

    Cannot put in my location. Mini keeps telling me my location is unavailable.what does that mean? Want to have it available for Find my iPad. Doris
  16. doris ganton

    Deleting sent folder

    how can I delete the entire sent folder at once on my iPad 3 ?
  17. doris ganton


    does my iPad 3 have a GPS feature? If so, how to find and use it?
  18. doris ganton

    Deleting contacts

    i cannot seem to delete contacts. I hit edit, then no red square appears at the contact name. I can delete the addy but not the names? Doris
  19. doris ganton

    Icons on home

    how do I put an icon on my home page ,iPad, for a forum I go to often?
  20. doris ganton

    iPad gone crazy

    since the latest update, my IPad 3 has done several very strange things, like when reading it reloads, jumps to different pages, when reading email, it jumps to new areas, etc. Right now,it has locked somehow onto the very large magnification and I cannot use it at all. I tried rebooting, no...
  21. doris ganton

    Screen rotation won't work

    suddenly my screen won't rotate! Have tried all the ideas re side switch,spotlight ..... Also my calculator app disappeared, not anywhere .help please. Doris
  22. doris ganton

    Setting time

    my iPad has not changed to Az time coming from BC Canada. Is set to auto ,how can I change it to current time manually? :(
  23. doris ganton

    Lost forum app

    I made some folders, as advised by friends, and in the process have lost my iPad Forum app. Nowhere to be found ! Folders are great and did clear screen nicely so as to see wallpaper,but now how do I find my app? I did not move it to a folder.
  24. doris ganton

    Lining up icons

    I don't seem to be able to move the icons on my desktop out of the way so as to be able to see my picture wallpaper. Perhaps this is impossible on an iPad ? I can move them around or switch them but they always keep the same grid formation,covering up Whatever I put on that screen.
  25. doris ganton


    I cannot find how to get the chat feature on gmail? It is on my computers, but completely missing on my iPad. Is it possible the iPad does not support this? I am sure I had it before the 7.0 upgrade happened. Doris
  26. doris ganton


    An one get a virus on iPad? Doris
  27. doris ganton


    Ow can I put a caption under photos I am sending on my iPad?
  28. doris ganton

    Drop Box not working suddenly

    Have always been able to get any books in my husbands computer drop box,to come up immediately in my iPad drop box. Now ,will not bring up any stuff. What did I do wrong? Or....?? Doris 9
  29. doris ganton

    Draft account wont come up

    I want to use the Draft account, but it wont come up in bold letters, and none of my letters go into the account I cant find anywhere to check to rectify this. The user guide doesnt helpl. doris
  30. doris ganton

    Cannot access sent or trash file on any account..

    Happened all of a sudden. When I ask for the appropriate menu then touch sent or trash I get the inbox every time. What have I done ? help. Doris
  31. doris ganton

    dictation on the Mini

    How does dictation work on the Mini? Does it need training in voice recognition or is it straightforward? Does the Nexus 7 have a dictation feature?
  32. doris ganton

    new member with question

    Hi all: I am Doris from- Wickenburg, Az. Am just buying an iPad Mini . I read a lot, so need to know if the iPad can connect to my computer , a Windows comp and transfer books to the Mini? The salesman at Apple said he didnt think it was possible.