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  1. TheSagittarius

    iOS 8 on iPad 4G battery drain.

    Hello, I updated my iPad 4G to iOS 8 via iTunes, did the reset and the battery drains so quickly. I've disabled most of the stuff like I did on iOS 7 but not the same effect. Is it a problem only for me ? Or a bug from iOS 8? Thank you :-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. TheSagittarius

    Jailbroken iPad battery

    Hello, Recently I JB my iPad 4G iOS 7.1.1 with pangu and so far I've noticed that my battery drains faster. My question is: Does JB drains your battery? (I've disabled most of the things under settings to save the battery life) Thank you Sent from my Nokia Lumia 820 using Tapatalk
  3. TheSagittarius

    Folder Names

    Hello, Recently I JB my iPad 4 with Pangu and recently I noticed that folder names keep going on the right .. In a messy way. Has someone else that problem? And how to fix it ? Thank you Sent from my Nokia Lumia 820 using Tapatalk
  4. TheSagittarius

    Music Player Problem

    Hello, I've upgraded to iOS and it's been great so far. The only problem I have is that when I play music on my iPad 4 I can't control it from the music player on the lock screen or control center. I tried to restart it and it worked. Then the same problem after 5 mins :(. Anybody knows how to...
  5. TheSagittarius

    Jailbreak iOS 7 - iOS 7.0.2

    This jailbreak for iOS 7 uses a bootrom exploit to jailbreak your iDevice straight from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. A bootrom exploit can never be patched by APPLE since the the jailbreak explloits hardware. No need to download any complicated jailbreaking software. Just...
  6. TheSagittarius

    iOS 7.0.2

    iOS 7.0.2 finally is released but with not any big difference on iOS. What I wondered was that if you update it via iTunes the update size is 1.38GB and OTA is only 21.1MB. So I guess the update via iTunes downloades the whole iOS while OTA downloads only the improvements. Am I right? Which...
  7. TheSagittarius

    Flash Player in iOS 7?

    Flash Player would make iOS the most perfect OS nowdays! I think it is not supported in iOS 7 ! :( Does anyone have any info. if we can install it, integrate it, or if it will be released with any update in the future? (Those browsers who support FP usually crash, I've tried them :mad:)
  8. TheSagittarius

    iOS 7 download size?

    Hello, I am curious about something. When I upgraded my iPad 4 OTA the download size was about 950MB and when I decided to do upgrade through iTunes the update was about 1.36GB. Anyone has any idea why the size of the update is bigger when you do it via iTunes? :) Klevis, IT Engineering...
  9. TheSagittarius

    How to Save Battery Life on iOS 7 ( Complete Guide )

    Hello, this post goes for everyone who is having problems with the new iOS 7 battery life. I am suffering because the new iOS 7 is 'eating' my battery! :( Here it is the link for the complete guide: How to Save Battery Life - iPhone W/ iOS 7 Complete Guide - Snapguide (step by step) Sorry I...
  10. TheSagittarius

    iPad printing question?

    Hello, Does anyone know if I can print a document straight from my iPad? It has to be an Apple printer or it usually works with normal printers too via Bluetooth? Thanks, Klevis :)
  11. TheSagittarius

    iPad 4 iOS 7 old keyboard?

    Hello, I updated my iPad 4G to iOS 7 and on some apps I still have the old keyboard. Is it a bug or the apps should be updated to the new iOS? Thanks