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    ID & Password

    Greetings, 1. I have changed Internet providers and would like to change my Apple ID to match. How do I do this? 2. I have been tring to make purchases at the App store and I keep getting asked for my password. When I enter it, a message pops up saying it is incorrect. How do I fix this...
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    Synch Contacts

    Greetings, Here is the system we are dealing with, a Dell Desktop running Vista Home Premium and iTunes 11, and a IPAD 2. One the Desktop, we use Windows Live Mail for our EMail. Some background. When my wife got her IPAD2 our son installed an earlier version of iTunes and synched the IPAD 2...
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    Newbe Help

    Thanks for your replies.
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    Newbe Help

    Greetings, I have only had my Ipad 2 for a month. So far things are great. I have Itunes installed on my computer. Two days ago a message popped up that said a Safari update was available and click to down load it. I did. It is now on my desktop. How do I get it on my Ipad 2? This is very...