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  1. K

    New Apple Store In Metrotown (Canada's 2nd largest mall)!!! PICS

    So hes a first hand look at the new Apple Store opening up tomorrow morning at Metrotown. They're just doing some final touch ups before the grand opeing tomorrow @ 10:00am PST
  2. K


    Could anyone kindly send me an invitation to google plus. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. K

    Question for Pages app

    I got Pages for my iPad 2 and also have the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. My question is when im taking notes in class and I have to bold something I have to press the "B" button on the top, same for italics and underlining. Is there any keyboard shortcuts that allow me to select the above like they...
  4. K

    Intro of The KING

    Hey Guys, So I've been posting for a while but havnt done a formal introduction of myself. My names Nick and ive been an apple fan for a while. When apple came out with the iPad 1, I didnt really pay attention to it but I got a chance to purchase one for a good deal so I ended getting it and...
  5. K

    How often?

    How often do you visit iPad Forums? I personally am on about 2-3 times a day, mostly to see if a jailbreak for the iPad 2 is out :P
  6. K

    CDMA or GSM??

    Hey guys, I was just wondering about this. I bought my iPad 2 from the Apple store in Canada, and im not sure if my iPad would be GSM or CDMA.. anyway to find out or check some settings to know?
  7. K


    How do I set my calender to be color coordinated?? I keep getting purple for everything i enter in. I want to be able to color coordinate it so I can have work, school, meetings all that seperate
  8. K

    Any good apps to manage bills

    Im looking for a app (free or paid) doesnt matter. Where I can set which bills I have and when they are due kinda thing. Something with a professional interface would be great.
  9. K

    The perfect case for a student??

    So after doing a ton of browsing for iPad 2 cases i came about this one. Macally BookStand iPad 2 Case - Red - Im wondering if anyone know where I can get this type of case but a different design but the whole concept with the notepad included. This seems like a perfect thing for me...
  10. K

    Data Usage a month

    Hey guys, How much data do you guys find your using on a monthly basis? this question goes out to the hardcore users as well as the moderate users. Tell me what you guys are using it for too, im looking to get a data plan but dont know how much i should get a month, so I just want to get an...
  11. K

    Need some advice please

    Hey guys! So here's my dilemma, I have an iPad 2 64GB wifi only and I did a lot of research before getting the iPad on which one i wanted to get. I ended up getting this one. But now after reading some posts I'm thinking should I sell this one or return it and get the 3G version instead? I...
  12. K

    DVD's to iPad 2

    Hey guys, So ive tried to search if there was a thread about this but didnt find something to exactly answer my question. What my question is, what program payed/free can I use to convert my original dvd's into the format where I can load them into itunes. Also how much space does a DVD take on...