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  1. Ulrich

    Anemone not compatible with iOS 9.02 yet

    I guess Anemone is the new Winterboard? I noticed it got installed a while back when I updated Classic Dock while I was still on iOS 8.4. It seemed to be working alright under iOS 8.x, but I can't say the same for iOS 9. After Installing Anemone (latest version; it says it is compatible with...
  2. Ulrich

    Malware infecting jailbroken iPhones stole 225,000 Apple account logins

    --> Malware infecting jailbroken iPhones stole 225,000 Apple account logins As they said on Hill Street Blues, let's be careful out there.
  3. Ulrich

    f.lux = battery hog?

    Since not all tweaks are compatible with iOS8, yet, I have not re-installed everything I had under iOS7 after jailbreaking my iPad. The ones missing are Clipshot, Cydelete7, f.lux, Homelock, MultiIconMover and iKeywiHD. One thing I noticed is that at the moment, my iPad's battery seems to hold...
  4. Ulrich

    First steps post-jailbreak

    So from earlier discussions when the iOS7 jailbreak came out I remember that the advice was to install OpenSSH, afc2add and Mobile Terminal right away and then change the default password. Is that correct? OpenSSH is on the iOS8 compatibility list, afc2add is not, but seems to work anyway, but...
  5. Ulrich

    Free Space

    Lots of moving pieces on this one, so I am not sure what the real culprit is. Updated my iTunes the other day to the latest version, upgraded an iPhone and my iPad to iOS 8.1 and jailbroke both devices. Now when I connect the two devices, the storage indicator bar in iTunes (the one that tells...
  6. Ulrich

    Apps not updating...

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, or if there are other threads about this subject alrady that I did not find, but here goes. For about a week now I have been unable to update any apps in the App Store. New versions show up on the "Updates" tab, with an "UPDATE" button next to...
  7. Ulrich

    Active malware campaign steals Apple passwords from jailbroken iPhones

    Presumably also from jailbroken iPads. Good news (for some of us): Read more: Active malware campaign steals Apple passwords from jailbroken iPhones | Ars Technica
  8. Ulrich


    Does anybody have any issues with items in the Newsstand after jailbreaking your device? I have subscriptions to Business Week, Time, People and Sports Illustrated. Business Week is still working as it should, but the other ones just give me error messages when I am trying to download new...
  9. Ulrich

    iOS 6.1.2 about to be released?

    Source: Exchange, passcode bugs reportedly squashed in upcoming iOS 6.1.2 | Ars Technica You may want to update to iOS 6.1 (and jailbreak) if you have not already...
  10. Ulrich

    iOS 6.1.1 released

    --> iOS 6.1.1 Software Update --> Apple releases iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S users with 3G issues (Updated) | Ars Technica Does not really matter for iPads, I guess, so it's not critical to upgrade, but does anyone know if the jailbreak still works if you do decide to update?
  11. Ulrich

    Latest iOS jailbreak: Nearly 7 million served

    --> Latest iOS jailbreak: Nearly 7 million served | Ars Technica
  12. Ulrich

    JB and Upgrade Advice Needed

    My significant other has an old iPhone (I want to say it's a 3GS ?) that is currently jailbroken on 4.3.3. It still has an unlimited data plan, so we usually just use it to run PDAnet to create a hotspot for our iPads when travelling (work requires her to use and pays for her Blackberry). Here...
  13. Ulrich

    iBooks 1.3.2 - Safe to install?

    After reading all the crash comments in the AppStore and after having been burned by a previous program update where all my PDFs got screwed up and I had to reload all my books I am wondering if it is safe to upgrade iBooks to the latest version (1.3.2)? Still on (jailbroken) iOS 4.3.3; I can't...
  14. Ulrich

    ScrollingBoard Issue

    I just updated a whole bunch of tweaks and files on my iPad2 (19 Updates from Cydia in total!) and one of the programs that was updated was Scrollingboard (to version 2.5). Of course I did not pay attention what happened after I updated the specific files, but now my taskbar is screwed up -- I...
  15. Ulrich

    NSURLError Domain error -999

    Has anyone come across this error message? Not quite sure when it started, maybe about a week ago after updating installing something or other on my iPad2 (I think it was that "Killbackground" app or whatever it is called; it installs a little button in the multitasking pane to kill all...
  16. Ulrich

    Remove metadata (Part 2)

    Since the other thread was closed... I do have a related and legitimate question about that subject. Many moons ago, I downloaded an app from the App Store (Sand Slides -- a fun game if you have not tried it). I got it on one of their early-adopters' "free download for a day" deals. At some...
  17. Ulrich

    Help identifying an app...

    After successfully jailbreaking my iPad I also went to work on my better half's iPhone... A friend of mine told me about an app that would turn an iPhone into a wifi hotspot so that we could go online with our iPads if there was no wireless network around. He did not know the name of the app...
  18. Ulrich

    Selling 1st gen iPad

    Since I just upgraded to an iPad2 I am thinking of selling the "old" one (really just 1 months old since Apple gave me a replacement for my original iPad). It's a 64 GB wifi-only model. Looking at Craig's List or Flea-bay, prices for that model seem to run between $500 and $600. Is that...
  19. Ulrich

    Easiest way to upgrade?

    Not sure if this has been asked before (search did not find any threads), but what is the easiest/best way to upgrade from an iPad1 to an iPad2 and transfer all your programs and data? Do a complete backup of the old device, plug in the new one and let iTunes do the work? What data, if any, does...