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  1. grimbarian

    Useful apps disappearing from app store?

    A friend accidentally deleted Process Killer (PKiller) but cannot reinstall it as it seems to have been removed from the app store. I still have this app but a search of the app store or my list of apps draws a blank. Fortunately, so far, it is still working on my iPad. Today I watched the BBC...
  2. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    The Castiv Tab Station looks to be just the type of iPad holder I have been looking for. I ordered one through a UK music store but after being on back order for a week or so the order was cancelled with a note stating that it had been temporarily discontinued. I then went on the Castiv web site...
  3. grimbarian

    Screen snapshot not working on my iPad1 with iOS5

    Tried a few searches here but didn't spot this anywhere. Anyone else got this problem? I just tried to take a screen snapshot for the first time since installing iOS5 on my iPad1 and it doesn't work. (Worked fine with iOS4.3.5) Holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time eventually...
  4. grimbarian


    A belated hello from Grimbarian - why Grimbarian? It's the description given to anyone born in the town of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK. I have an iPad1 and an iPhone 4, both bought second hand. Until last Thursday I was delighted with both as they did everything I wanted without any problems. I...
  5. grimbarian

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    Tried a search but couldn't find any reference to this. Upgraded my iPad1 to iOS5 yesterday - took 12 hours all told. Upgrade seemed to go smoothly but the restore was really fraught. Anyway most seems to be working OK apart for some lost free books but I now have to reboot the iPad every time...