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  1. n4uau

    Storage of photos

    My device shows, under Manage Storage, that I have 2.0 Gb of photos on the device. For iCloud Storage it shows 950 Mb of photos stored there. Since the iCloud is supposed to have full pixel storage of photos and the device can have full or "optimized" photos I am wondering why photos on the...
  2. n4uau

    Pages in iOS 9

    Trying to send a Pages document as a Word Doc. This worked in the past but now hangs up trying to convert to Word. Convert to PDF just fine. Is it just me ot is it iOS 9??
  3. n4uau

    iPhoto Events Album

    What's the purpose of the iPhoto Events folder in albums? Seems Apple has created it, I sure didn't. Also seems to be like the views in the photos sections - that is by date. But some events folders in iPhoto events albums appear empty ( Sept 3 in my case) yet I have a photo with that date. Very...
  4. n4uau

    phone screen protectors

    TP's iPhone screen bit the dust. My VZN sales guy is pushing the new glass screen protectors and showed me one that "saved the phone" screen by cracking instead of the phone screen I have a plastic protector on my current phone but none on my iPad. SO thoughts on protectors I should get when I...
  5. n4uau

    Printer Pro app

    Reading the thread on Air Print issues, I wonder how many are aware of the recent app from Readdle. Printer Pro lets me print from my iPad to my non-wifi printer which is USB connected to my iMac. It works very well so I no longer have to consider buying an Air printer just to print from the iPad.
  6. n4uau

    Memory cards for iPads

    Anyone using a memory stick with the Lightning connector or the Lightning adapter for an SD card? Wondering how they work for photo back up and data transfer from a PC. Potential virus issues, ease of use, what can you transfer to it, what can you not transfer, etc.
  7. n4uau

    Photos on iCloud, not

    I just tried to look at my photos at using my PC. I see no photos on it since 27 October. I have all the settings turned on to backup my photos to iCloud so what gives. 27 Oct must have been about when ios8 and Yosemite came out and the cloud storage area allegedly changed. Using...
  8. n4uau

    Photo pixels

    is there any way to determine the number of pixels in a photo on the iPad camera roll? I know if it is large enough when you mail it, it will give you the full size as well as reduced pixel options but only when it is big and that is rather round about!
  9. n4uau

    IOS 8.1.2

    8.1.2 is available according to my iPad. Anyone load it? Comments. I'm going slowly after 8 and 8.1.
  10. n4uau

    Close App gives device hang up

    from the screen showing open apps you swipe up to close an app. Twice now my device has frozen while doing this and required a reset to activate. iPad Air 2, iOS 8.1. Wonder if anyone else has had this happen?
  11. n4uau

    Find My Friends Now Useless

    i see that Find Friends now only shows locations when 'this app is visible on the screen' so unless you and I are both using it I can't find you. In the past friends and I had fun following each other on trips. Non iOS 8 friends are still visible. This app is now useless. If we are both on I...
  12. n4uau

    Issues with new Air2

    My iPad came yesterday. It lost the Wi-Fi connection over night. My Mac does same thing and Apple is trying find reason. After a long sleep it drops Wi-Fi. Maybe same issue on iPad. Anyone else have this issue? Can't change lock screen time when using finger print, only option is immediate...
  13. n4uau

    Photo stream

    when i first opened photos app after updating to 8.1 there was both camera roll and photo stream, now there is no photo stream even thought that option is turned on. Where did it go? How do i view icloud photos? I use safari to go to and only get instructions on how to set up on my...
  14. n4uau

    Imessages to Samsungs

    A friend has an iPhone and can use it to send iMessages to a Samsung friend. She also has an iPad with cellular capability but it does not appear to be able to send messages to that person. Is this correct or are we missing something? I should think that it would be able to send imessages over...
  15. n4uau

    Reply w/o Quote

    I'm using Safari on my iPad to read and reply to posts and note some odd behavior. There is a+ Quote and a Reply button but Reply also quotes the original. How to reply without a quote? Further when I try to delete part of a long quote to show just the relevant part I can not select, that...
  16. n4uau

    Screen less responsive

    After my Air ipad crashed and was restored to 8.0.2 via iTunes, I am noticing that some times it does not respond to touch input. Sometimes scrolling, sometimes just touching a hyperlink. Anyone else have this issue? I will probably have to try a soft reset BUT the device froze after a shutdown...
  17. n4uau

    Available space, ain't what it seems

    In an earlier post I was worried about my diminishing 3Gb available space (on my 16 Gb ipad 5, ios8). Well today the iPad froze when I shut it down, only the apple logo displayed. Call to Apple and guided through a restore from iTunes (glad I backed it up before doing ios8). BUT THE POINT, I...
  18. n4uau

    Available Space vs Speed

    my 16Gb Air is down to under 3Gb available memory. Wondering if it causes the device to run slower as a fragmented hard drive on a PC would
  19. n4uau

    Family share

    So I have updated my wife's and my ipads to 8.0.2 and activated Family share. But how to share the Keynote app I have with her? I go to the store on her Pad and it is still $10. Are only free apps shared?
  20. n4uau

    What are the people circles

    Why the people, how to remove. Show up on the screen showing open apps in iOS 8.
  21. n4uau

    One way photo trip

    In photos for iOS 8: start out selecting the photos tab, you can then go to Collections and from there to Years. But there appears no way to go back. Since there is no camera roll anymore you have to close and open photo app to get back to a different view of all your photos! A bit of an...
  22. n4uau

    not until Yosemite

    If I read the words right I do not want to opt into the new icloud drive until Yosemite comes out some time in the unknown future. If I do I will not be able to access all the Keynote, Pages etc docs I got on the cloud now. Seems kind of half baked not to release Yosemite at same time as ios8...
  23. n4uau

    Memory Usage

    I use Amazon Cloud Drive to backup my photos, works great BUT Looking at memory usage today I noticed that the Amazon Cloud Drive app was using 241 Mb and 213 Mb was for Data. Fourth largest user of space. Since it is supposed to store my photos on the cloud this surprises me as my Photos and...
  24. n4uau

    Cloud Computing or Not

    Lots of buzz about cloud computing these days and I'm planning to give a class on it to Seniors in my iPad class. So help me understand this. I believe Pages, Numbers and Keynote are true cloud computing because I can access and work on the file either on my iPad or my PC. iPhotos on the other...
  25. n4uau

    iPhoto won't download

    I have iPhoto on the cloud as purchased and want to download. But when I try, it tells me I have already purchased it and will download now. But nothing happens. Never seen a message like this either. All others just go ahead and download the app. Reset etc has not helped.Any suggestions?
  26. n4uau

    Photo Cropping

    When you crop a photo on the camera roll and save it, it looks cropped but if you paste that cropped photo to, say, Keynote etc, the full photo appears. Only if I mail it to myself and put that into camera roll can I paste a cropped version. What's happening here?
  27. n4uau

    Pages and Numbers issues

    Pages and Numbers work fine on the iPad but then I try to import into the PC as Word and Excel docs (from they crash or show no data when I try to open them. I am not using MS product but rather Open Office so I wonder if this is a OO issue or others with MS Word have the same issue...
  28. n4uau

    Photosstream Permanence

    I need to remove pictures from my Camera Roll to free up space and I need a permanent backup on my PC of them. PhotoStream appears to be a great way to back up photos but is it permanent? Everything in my iPad Photostream folder shows up in my PC PhotoStream file. BUT The Apple FAQ tells me...
  29. n4uau

    Weather Channel app crashes

    All of a sudden today 3/19 the weather Channel app has started crashing on start up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have done a soft reset on the iPad and I still get the same situation. I am using iOS 7.1 and have since it came out. I see no recent updates to the app either. I have...
  30. n4uau

    Photo Stream not working

    This is likely a general ipad (iOS) issue or just my pc but In the past Photo Stream has worked great. Take a photo with the ipad, it shows up in the camera roll and photo stream and transfers to the correct file on my PC. With iOS 7 and Photo Share (both turned on in my ipad settings) Photo...
  31. n4uau

    Captive Network Question

    Our local Senior Center has what is called a captive network. You need to sign in with a user name and password. When I tried to use the Apple TV to mirror my ipad screen it would not work and Apple reps told me that is because it has no browser to popup so you can't log into the net, even...
  32. n4uau

    Sideloading certain files to ipad

    Altho in the thread about getting library books onto my ipad I state I've done that and magazines as well and all works fine. Now I have hit a book I don't know how to download. Certain publishers like Penguin will only let you down Kindle books to ur PC. The borrowing process goes like this: u...
  33. n4uau


    Maybe this is an ipad wide issue and should be elsewhere but as an ipad mini user I post it here. I think I have a case of the pox thanks to app. As a paper subscriber I am allowed to use theweek app. I downloaded it and logged in with my subscription number which was 'verified'...
  34. n4uau


    My ipad mini has no FaceTime icon, nor anyway to do FaceTime that I can see. It is a wifi only ipad but I thought FaceTime was supposed to work with wifi only now. Am I wrong or is my ipad defective?