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  1. grimbarian

    Apple’s ’12 Days of Gifts’ 2013 giveaway now available, includes U.S. customers

    Only for iOS7 Those of us who can't or won't update to a bland looking iOS7 get nothing as this app only runs on iOS7. We can't even get a look at a free iBook. Doesn't that leave something like 25% of loyal iOS users out in the cold?
  2. grimbarian

    You can now get VLC for iPad in the App Store

    Not currently available in the UK store, but downloadable In the UK store, clicking on the VLC for IOS icon to see the description shows the message - "not currently available in the UK store". Clicking the "free" button downloads it. Strange.
  3. grimbarian

    want to change pc name of former owner of my ipad

    One cause of iTunes failing to see an iPad is when you connect through a USB hub. Make sure you use a USB socket on the computer.
  4. grimbarian

    Ios 6 maps

    What happens with other apps which use Google Maps? Do they now only have access to a shoddy imitation of the sort of mapping expected in this day and age? Apple Maps is really still in a beta state and should have been an optional trial app for those who wanted it until the glaring errors were...
  5. grimbarian

    Ios 6 maps

    Same here. Having seen the examples from all over the world showing how poor many parts of the mapping are I will stick with 5.1.1 Especially after perusing "theamazingios6maps" on tumblr The Guardian has a report that Google has a map app awaiting approval from Apple. I can't help wondering...
  6. grimbarian

    How many Brits on here?

    Brings back memories when as a nipper and couldn't afford fish and chips, or even just chips, I could buy a penny worth of scraps. Lovely jubly. John
  7. grimbarian


    You can change the wallpaper for the unlock and home screens. Go to Settings - Brightness and Wallpaper where you can choose from any photos you already have on the iPad. Otherwise have a search in the app store for wallpaper apps. Search for "Wallpaper +free" without the quotation marks for a...
  8. grimbarian

    A second Ipad

    For information: As far as having 2 iPads on the same account - I have an iPad1 and an iPad2 on my account. I gave them different names and have some different apps on them. I sync mine on my PC and iTunes keeps different sets of information for each. The only thing to watch is when you download...
  9. grimbarian

    Deleted Apps - Really Deleted?

    Don't know what happens if you use iCloud for backups but I find that apps do not seem to be completely removed until I perform a sync on the PC as it always asks for confirmation before removing apps I deleted on the iPad. John
  10. grimbarian

    Useful apps disappearing from app store?

    I found the Clueful (written by Bitdefender) Facebook page. They say they are working with Apple and hope to have the app back soon. I can imagine a few large companies not liking the idea of an app which shows users exactly what information they are gathering. John
  11. grimbarian

    Useful apps disappearing from app store?

    A friend accidentally deleted Process Killer (PKiller) but cannot reinstall it as it seems to have been removed from the app store. I still have this app but a search of the app store or my list of apps draws a blank. Fortunately, so far, it is still working on my iPad. Today I watched the BBC...
  12. grimbarian

    Typing on the virtual keyboard

    I'll have to give that a try. Like you I prefer to use a stylus. Never thought of using one in each hand. Nice bit of lateral thinking. John
  13. grimbarian


    Brilliant informative thread Gabriel. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to set it all out in detail. You have inspired me to order a CloudFTP to experiment with. Good luck with your own experiments. John
  14. grimbarian

    How many Brits on here?

    Hello from Lincolnshire. John
  15. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    Possibly. Thanks for the pointer. Had a look at the manufacturer site. It doesn't mention whether it can be used landscape. Doesn't look as though it is designed to hold the iPad securely that way round. A fault with quite a few iPad holders. It did, though, lead me to some others which look...
  16. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    McTablet: Music is in the right direction. To hold the iPad when using music apps with a keyboard plugged in.
  17. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    Almost, Gabriel1. Order was cancelled today - out of stock. Everywhere else I have looked says discontinued. The company still haven't replied to my question. Makes me wonder whether they have gone out of business. So - my original query remains - does anyone in Canada know whether Castive is...
  18. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    Thanks for that Gabriel1. Now ordered. The last time I checked Amazon UK there was only one for the rip off price of just under £60 John
  19. grimbarian

    Castiv Tab Station - (iPad Holder) - Availability?

    The Castiv Tab Station looks to be just the type of iPad holder I have been looking for. I ordered one through a UK music store but after being on back order for a week or so the order was cancelled with a note stating that it had been temporarily discontinued. I then went on the Castiv web site...
  20. grimbarian

    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    Looks just the job for touching up photographs on my iPad 1.
  21. grimbarian

    Post your Pet

    Merry Christmas from Bobby the Lurcher: and from John the Grimbarian.
  22. grimbarian

    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Brilliant iVan. After reading this topic I had a look round, bought a German made mic stand iPad holder and a cheap mic stand and had a similar setup in no time. Fortunately so far I haven't needed the counterbalance. I did have to make a small alteration to the holder. It would swivel downwards...
  23. grimbarian

    Photo Transfer App

    I don't know the Photo Transfer app but one method I use is: This is for XP and may be slightly different in 7 iPad / iPhone connected to PC USB port. Double click My Computer on your desktop, the iPad / iPhone should appear at the bottom of the window which opens under Scanners and Cameras...
  24. grimbarian

    Post your random cell phone pictures AND SCREENSHOTS!

    First experiment using my iPhone4 with one of those cheap £5 microscopes. A 4mm long biscuit beetle.
  25. grimbarian

    Best app tracker?

    AppShopper is my favourite. Though clunky to look at AppTickerHD was good but seems flaky on iOS5. I emailed their support some time ago with details of exactly what operation made it crash but didn't even receive an acknowledgement. John
  26. grimbarian

    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    I have had many used cars and only one new one. (Over 35yrs ago) It had more faults than any used car I've owned. John
  27. grimbarian

    What was your first car and favourite car ever!

    First car: Ford Anglia 105e Favourite, my present car: Mitsubishi Charisma, about 10yrs old and still an excellent reliable runner.
  28. grimbarian

    What's your favorite new iOS 5 feature?

    The first thing I instantly liked was being able to continue using it whilst syncing (USB) instead of staring at a screen saying 'syncing, slide to cancel'.
  29. grimbarian

    Screen snapshot not working on my iPad1 with iOS5

    Thanks Gabriel1. It just refused to work like that the other day but is back to normal now. I have since read that others have found the same problem. I suspect an app had upset things. Some are not yet 'iOS5 friendly'. John
  30. grimbarian

    Screen snapshot not working on my iPad1 with iOS5

    Tried a few searches here but didn't spot this anywhere. Anyone else got this problem? I just tried to take a screen snapshot for the first time since installing iOS5 on my iPad1 and it doesn't work. (Worked fine with iOS4.3.5) Holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time eventually...
  31. grimbarian

    My ipad seems to get slow after upgrading to ios5.

    Zulu789: I typed in the words process killer this morning and it was found straight away. I wonder if it is one of those apps which seem to be available only in some areas. I'm in the UK.
  32. grimbarian

    My ipad seems to get slow after upgrading to ios5.

    My first thought would be - is this a working memory problem? The iPad has only 250MB in which apps can actually run and the iPad2 has, I think, 500MB. After using several apps on my iPad there can be as little as 5MB left unused and this can cause unexpected slow downs and crashes to apps...
  33. grimbarian

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    I hope you managed to get the problem solved OK razputin. This morning I plugged my iPhone4 (still on iOS 4.3.5) in the USB hub and it was recognised so it looks to me to be more of an iOS5 problem than an iTunes 10.5 glitch.
  34. grimbarian

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    After a bit more research I found mention of the same problem on It appears that iTunes 10.5 doesn't seem to be handling USB hubs properly. Where there were no problems before the iOS / iTunes updates now we may have to plug the...
  35. grimbarian


    A belated hello from Grimbarian - why Grimbarian? It's the description given to anyone born in the town of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK. I have an iPad1 and an iPhone 4, both bought second hand. Until last Thursday I was delighted with both as they did everything I wanted without any problems. I...
  36. grimbarian

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    Tried a search but couldn't find any reference to this. Upgraded my iPad1 to iOS5 yesterday - took 12 hours all told. Upgrade seemed to go smoothly but the restore was really fraught. Anyway most seems to be working OK apart for some lost free books but I now have to reboot the iPad every time...
  37. grimbarian

    Post your Pet

    Bobby Says Hello Bobby. 13yr old rescue Lurcher.
  38. grimbarian

    An iPad stylus

    Brilliant. I now understand why my Acare stylus with a squishy tip works perfectly while another unknown make with a harder tip was completely useless.