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    Konica Minolta Printer App: PageScope Mobile for iPad/iPhone

    All of my schools use Konica Minolta bizhub printers. I found their free (!) app in the app store, and am now able to print through the system, no airprint required! I'm still learning about it, and it probably has some limitations, but so far so good. I'm loving it! It only works with...
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    What are the best math apps?

    McGraw-Hill has a bunch of math apps. They're a big publisher of educational materials. I was able to download them for free, usually they cost, but run occasional specials. Check out the App Store, there are a bunch of free math apps. Good luck, and good for you for trying to get better! A...
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    I dropped my ipad

    I think a good case is the best insurance. I have the stiff neoprene one from Apple. It gets dirty, but cleans up with a damp cloth.
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    How many people here actually use a screen protector?

    I use a screen protector on my iPhone, not on my iPad. I bought a pack and tried one, just didn't find the screen as receptive. I keep a bunch of microfiber and eyeglass cleaning cloths around.
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I'm not getting it, sounds wonderful, but I need remedial instructions for installing it on iPad. I think I can figure it out for the laptop.
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Gotcha. I am going to get rid of Friendcast, it sort of creeps me out.
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Will look at it! Thanks! I also have Friendcaster, have never liked it.
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Aha! So that's what it's called! Still annoys me. But now I can call it by name....and switch it out. Thanks, Twerp!
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Yes, we are.
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    Friendly messing up again?

    What is up with the wavy words? Some are just impossible to read. I have, despite my age, perfect reading vision without glasses, but there is no way anyone could read them. Understand they are a security feature, but geez!
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I will reiterate the "tap and swipe up" method. For example, if you want degrees for an oven or other temp, tap and swipe up the zero (number) and lo and behold, you get the degree symbol! 0°. The apostrophe: ,'! ."! Love it! You can also get lots of strange and fun foreign stuff by...
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Yeah, I may do that too. Friendly is just so convenient. Sigh.
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    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I have the second gen Kindle. I got the case from Amazon, around $30 as I recall. You can also use a ziplock freezer bag.
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    Friendly messing up again?

    Tried it again, after typing in the weird wavy words and answering a security question, logging in several more times, and doing another restart, I'm in again. Whew!
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    Friendly messing up again?

    I can't get in again. Put in my User login and password, it swirls and keeps saying that the account timed out and tells me to do it again. Did a hard restart, and removed and reinstalled the app. I can get in online with my FB account, as well as with a less desirable iPad FB app. I...
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I use this a lot. Instead of putting it in your bookmark list, it puts an icon on your iPad desktop. To me, it IS an app. Extremely useful! Good one, Leelai! No apologies necessary!
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    Second ipad

    This happened for my husband's account, there's some box I needed to check on the ITunes account page on my PC. I was then able to sync it.
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    Second ipad

    My husband and I each have separate accounts for our IPads, but are able to share apps by using one or the other's password on either machine.
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    Getting a Kindle even though I have an iPad?

    I too have both, and agree with all the benefits mentioned. I also have the Kindle app on my BB, laptop, and PC as well as on the IPad. I have a waterproof case for my Kindle, and can read it IN the pool! I also like to read Kindle on airplane trips as it's so lightweight.
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    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

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    iPad + separate dedicated ebook reader?

    I have a Kindle 2 and IPad 1. I have a waterproof case for Kindle, and love to float around the pool reading it. I prefer reading on the Kindle as it's light and travels well. Ipad for everything else.
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    IPad won't connect to printer

    Unbelievable. I went to the Cradlepoint website, updated to the newest version, and now everything works fine.
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    Free ebook sites, already in iBook (ePub) format

    Kindle apps have tons of free books through Amazon. No Kindle needed. The free newsletter, Kindle Nation, has weekly lists of freebies along with 99 cents on up.
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    Buy Bento?

    I am in love with The Recipe Box (not to be confused with Recipe Box, also a nice app, but not the same.). You can cut and paste and edit. It comes with a few recipes already on it. You can catagorize any way you like. I also have a number of the previously listed ones, all of which have come...
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    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    Tried to place an order with the Amazon IPad app, was not given options for more than one bag of dog chews or shipping method, and the shipping cost the same as one bag of chews. Raced to my PC, and thankfully was able to cancel the first Amazon order, then placed my order for multiple bags...
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    Do you use the default 'Sent from my iPad' signature?

    I do not as it sounds somewhat pretentious. It also looks like you don't know how to remove it. IMHO.
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    Have a saying from your country?

    Put on your Big Girl panties and deal with it! (I love this one).
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    IPad won't connect to printer

    I am gonna have to mess with it. I think it's because I swapped out my USB for a MiFi, which didn't work out, so I sent it back to Verizon and reinstated the USB, which is plugged into a Cradlepoint router. The printer detects the Cradlepoint, but then wants another code/password whichI didn't...
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    IPad won't connect to printer

    When I tried to print today from my IPad 1 to my HP Envy printer, IPad won't detect it. I have restarted both. It always worked flawlessly before. What happened?
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    DH messed up my machine, when I got it back, all the icons were HUGH and I was unable to scroll or do anything. Very angry. After several hours of trying to fix it, I went back into Settings for the thousandth time, went to Accessability, and unchecked Zoom. Yay! My baby is back to normal...
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    What are the cool things that apple ipad 1 can do?

    Still loving the IP 1. Plenty fast, and have no interest in seeing my ugly mug (or anyone else's) on Skype or something with a camera. iPad fan, Discuss Cooking, Walgreens, Atomic Web. All the Angry Birds, all the story game apps. Drawing apps, note taking, music ,movies, tv shows, too many...
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    Apple Ipad Jailbreaking really worth it?

    Sweet! Gonna bookmark this (humming happily).
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    Apple Ipad Jailbreaking really worth it?

    #1 intrigues me. So rather than paying Verizon an extra $30+ a month for tethering, if I JB our 1st gen IPads, we can tether for free when we get an IPhone?
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    new Ipad user, already hating Apple

    Did not realize that. Excellent point.
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    Is Mail all we have to work with???

    I get Gmail, corporate exchange, and Aol accounts in my mailbox.
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    IPads won't log into CradlePoint router

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    Wifi only ipad. Regrets?

    No regrets. Have the original with wifi. Home, office, and schools all have connectivity. Hotels all have connectivity. I just ordered a MiFi, to replace my outdated USB at home, which will make us mobile if we want.
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    Co-worker's iPad

    His and Hers is the way to go. DH made a trip to his folks over Easter, and temporarily lost his to our teenaged niece (foolish man). Mine in its bag goes wherever I take my purse. Never leaves my sight.
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    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I found super cheap microfiber cloths for screen cleaning in the automotive section of the Dollar Store.