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    DVD to Ipad (new model)

    Though the file sizes are larger, it would be nice and easier to be able to play the vobs directly like a software DVD player.
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    Using iTunes to put movies on iPad

    On a PC, you have to add the file. At least that is how I do it. Then drag the movie from MOVIES onto your iPad.
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    Anyone got the external drive for iPad yet

    I'm planning on getting an Airstash due to size and expandibility. There is a cheaper Kingston alternative. I think it is called Wi-Drive.
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    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    The lack of memory expansion/ease of file transfer was and is still a concern for me. What won me over in the end was the screen and the more organized app store that separated iPhone and iPad apps.
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    Seagate satelite

    I just found out about the Airstash after I replied. Pricey, but looks like what I want. Compact and unlimited storage.
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    Targus Z-case (lots of photos)

    Still waiting for my 3 and in the mean time, found a bunch of these at my local Marshalls for $12.99.
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    Transferring PDFs from PC to iPad

    I have the MAD Magazine collection in PDF. What I did was install iBooks and from iTunes I dragged them from the PC into the BOOKS folder in iTunes and sync. The magazine with the covers shows up in the iBooks bookcase. There is an IOS file sharing method that Good Reader uses that you...
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    Which iPad 16 32 or 64

    Seagate makes a wireless one that is basically a file server. You cannot load apps onto it. I went with a 32gb since I have lots of space left on my 16gb iPhone. I don't plan on loading movies or music onto it.
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    iPad wifi with gps possible?

    That is one of the problems with Apple. In order to use an external bluetooth GPS mouse, it has to be "Apple approved." So much for bluetooth compatibility. Here is one by DUAL: Dual Electronics XGPS150A Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver for iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone...
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    Buy iPad 3 or iPad 2?

    I was in the same situation last week. Not sure if you have a Best Buy where you live, but, I went to one and loaded up a web page with very small fonts on both iPads side-by-side and the iPad 3 is MUCH sharper and easier on the eyes.
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    I pondered the same question as a first time buyer. I was leaning towards the 2 (after I ruled out an Android) until I was at Best Buy and loaded the same web page that had very small fonts and had them side-by-side. The Retina blows away the 2; especially with small fonts. I plan on using it as...
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    Wow! Must say Wow! From 1 time IPAD owner!

    Also Newb here waiting for my "New" iPad. Tks for the tip.
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    New Ipad still hard to find

    None at the three Vegas Apple stores, Fry's, BB, Wallys, or Target.
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    Is the iPad 3 Camera Active all the time,? or only when being used.

    Remember that song by Rockwell, "Somebody's Watching Me?"
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    I had to load a webpage that had small fonts and compared side-by-side and then the difference was apparent.
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    Seagate satelite

    Sorry. I meant drag and drop from PC to iPad like how you can when you connect an iPhone to a PC. That is my only experience with Apple products.....other than a II+ from yesteryear.
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    Seagate satelite

    So, technically, Apple could make changes to the OS and allow uploads of docs if they wanted to, right?
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    How do non-Retina optimized apps look on a retina screen?

    Just got back and loaded up the pdf. It is amazing. Also loaded up the same webpage and compared with the iPad2 side-by-side and there is NO comparison. Time to order soon. EDIT: Just ordered a White 32gb.
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    How do non-Retina optimized apps look on a retina screen?

    Thanks for all of the advice. I will be using it as a PDF reader to read my Mad Magazine and N-Scale train collections. Too bad there is no SD card option so I can load up the 15+ mb (some up tp 54 mb) for each issue like I did testing the Androids. I'm going to try to upload into my hotmail and...
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    More than one computer

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    How do non-Retina optimized apps look on a retina screen?

    Finally decided that I should get an iPad over an Android despite the flaws I see in using iTunes and lack of SD card. Overall, as a reader, the 4:3 screen is superior to the 16:9 screen. Plus, I like how the store separates iPhone and Pad apps. Now, I'm on the fence between a 2 or "3." My...
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    New iPad 3 user - the most frustrating 7 hours of my life.......

    That should be the first book for us Newbs on the iBook's shelf.
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    How well do "folder" cases fit since the back is no longer flat?

    I thought it had a slight convex shape to it like an iPhone 3 around the corners? Perhaps it was a an illusion because I saw a picture today that showed the iPad 1 on top of the 2 and all stacked on top of the 3. The 1 and 2 had "flat" corners and the 3 had curved corners like an iPhone 3.
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    How well do "folder" cases fit since the back is no longer flat?

    How well do these "folder/folio" type cases fit since the back is no longer completely flat?
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    Seagate satelite

    The seriously need such a device to also upload docs and videos.
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    Seagate satelite

    Still deciding if an iPad is the right device for me. If the iPad had an SD port like an Android, then it would be an easy decision. I hate iTunes with my iPhone. Question is, can I just use the Goflex as an easy way to move files from PC > GoFlex > iPad and save the files in the iPad? Or is...