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    Ipad 1 upgraders! Are you keeping your ipad 1 or selling it?

    1 is a photo frame now.
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    Connect to Internet using your cell phone

    Nexus One with Froyo has hotspot feature already and no root needed.
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    Did anybody 'Reserve' their iPad In-Store?

    I reserved mine in-store on last Sunday 5/23 and got a [ick up email 3 days later 5/26.
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    I reserved my ipad last Sunday in store and got an email for pick up this morning. I believe store reservation is much faster than online order.
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    If the Logitech touch mouse works, it will be my HTPC's remote mouse and keyboard.
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    I think multi-tasking will be available when mac osx port to iPad.
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    GPS not availble in the WiFi iPad

    I think the gps and 3g are sharing the same antenna.
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    Greeting. Can't wait for available.