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  1. bigchicken

    Game development help

    Nice link. thanks!
  2. bigchicken

    Reading through "Beginning iPhone games development"

    Take a look at the Airplay SDK. It might be more up your alley. Interface builder is good for UI heavy apps but you will probably need to bypass it anyway and use core animation if you are doing any animation or rendering in your app. mike :8^]
  3. bigchicken

    Creating an Ipad app flash cs5

    If you really want to use Flash just start out learning that. There are oodles of Flash tutorials on the web. You will need to be using Actionscript 3 if you want to publish your game on the iPad. Warning - Flash apps are sluggish on the iPad. If you are planning to do anything that requires...
  4. bigchicken

    Game development help

    First watch this video for a reality check: YouTube - So You Want to Work in the Video Game Industry If you want to develop games you have a number of options. If you know Maya or Max or if you really want to do 3D games then your best bet is to go and download Unity and bury yourself in it...
  5. bigchicken

    Reading through "Beginning iPhone games development"

    I think the fundamental problem here is Xcode. That book is probably out of date (if the example ever worked). Prepare for much hair pulling if you want to continue down that path OR check out this post for some alternatives. If you really want to use Xcode you will probably get better help in...
  6. bigchicken

    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    Hi denn1s. Thanks for the comment and for pointing out that point of confusion. By cross platform development I'm generally referring to target platforms (iOS, Android, PC, Web).You're correct to point out that you usually need a Mac to actually build and install apps for iOS. I believe this is...
  7. bigchicken

    MAC computer required to dev for iPad?

    Please read my post on iOS development systems! The same questions keep coming up again and again ... mike :8^]
  8. bigchicken

    iPad Windows Development

    Windows development is indeed possible. Read my post on iOS development engines here. mike :8^]
  9. bigchicken

    Writing personal software - not for the App Store

    If you want to get your app onto the device you need to be a registered developer and pay the $99. You don't need to use Xcode but you do have to have a properly provisioned device. The provisioning profiles expire after a couple of months so you would have to keep your developers licence...
  10. bigchicken

    SDK on the Ipad

    Check out my post here on iPad development options. mike :8^]
  11. bigchicken

    iPad Development introductory help

    You don't need Objective-C or a Mac. See my post here on iPad development options. mike :8^]
  12. bigchicken

    creating private app (not available in appstore)

    Is this something you could do by creating a mobile friendly website? Password protect it if you don't want the world to get in.
  13. bigchicken

    iPad development with windows?

    See my post here for an overview of iPad development options. There are a few that work in Windows! mike :8^]
  14. bigchicken

    iPad dev with Flash, pointers, experiences HELP

    Flash CS5 works reasonably well and is one of the easier things to get running on the iPad. You still need to go through the developer application and labyrinth of certificates and provisioning to get anything on the device though. I would agree with twerppoet that you should look at...
  15. bigchicken

    Using Apples SDK

    See my post here for a full overview of development options. If you don't have a Mac then your best bet is Flash CS5 or Corona. Corona is cheaper. You might also want to mess around with Unity which is a lot of fun. mike :8^]
  16. bigchicken

    help for simple free game

    What sort of comics are you talking about? Single frames? Graphic novel style? Short animations? Are you just assuming that video is the way to go? If you just want to string video clips together and you aren't a programmer you could look at something like GameSalad or Corona. If you want to do...
  17. bigchicken

    xcode for developing Apps for ipad is free

    See my post here for a full overview of iPad development options. Xcode is not for everyone! mike :8^]
  18. bigchicken

    iPad Windows Development

    There are a number of options for Windows development on the iPad. See my post on development environments here: mike :8^]
  19. bigchicken

    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    Here are a couple of options: 1) Do it yourself I haven't tried it personally but I think the best development system for non programmers is probably GameSalad. At least if you are planning do something "game like". 2) Hire a developer Another option is to use one of the App prototyping tools...
  20. bigchicken

    Recording your screen play on ipad

    Mystery solved!
  21. bigchicken

    iPad Children's Picture Book Review Site

    Hey Marc, Thanks for checking the site out. I like your ratings system and linking idea. Let me know if you get it up and running. We're trying to keep it simple for the moment and focus on the higher end titles (at least until we run out!). :8^)
  22. bigchicken

    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    I'm sure there are a lot of people interested in iPad development. There are a lot of options out there from the standard Xcode across to Flash CS5. This post will attempt to stay current with all the available development engines. Please PM me or post a comment if you have any additions or...
  23. bigchicken Members - Suggest an iPad App

    Tunein radio and airvideo server are my favorites.
  24. bigchicken

    iPad Children's Picture Book Review Site

    Are you sure you went to the right site? There are definitely reviews up there .... Moderator edit...removed external links! Please read the forum rules. mike '8^,
  25. bigchicken

    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Having to use iTunes to sync. Even when I use some alternative program to bypass iTunes I inevitably have to go back to the trough to update the iOS. At which point I have to wait through a painful (unavoidable) backup process that scrambles the apps and media I have between the iPhone and iPad...
  26. bigchicken


    I'm an iPad user and budding developer in Vancouver, Canada. I use my iPad mostly for reading the news and watching movies. I have to admit I use it a lot more that I thought I would. I hate iTunes with a passion. I would love to see a pressure sensitive screen to make it a perfect portable...
  27. bigchicken

    Anyone else frustrated with App Store?

    Hit the nail on the head I absolutely agree about the "30 pages in - getting kicked back to page one". I find this completely discourages me from looking for new apps! I would vote this as my #1 most hated iPad "feature" (though iTunes is a close second).:(
  28. bigchicken

    Favourite TV show

    Current / recent favorites 1) Dexter 2) Breaking Bad 3) Walking Dead 4) 30 Rock 5) Fringe
  29. bigchicken

    Recording your screen play on ipad

    clueless but curious I'd love to know if this is possible myself. There's no such functionality that I've heard of. Is it possible that it's a feature of that specific app he is using? Have you seen it for more than one app?
  30. bigchicken

    What's your favourite position with iPad?

    I often find myself lying in bed on my side reading the newspaper or watching a movie. something I would never do with a laptop ...
  31. bigchicken

    iPad Children's Picture Book Review Site

    Nice site Marc! We have also started up an iPad book review site this month. We will be focusing on children's books and doing video reviews. The iPad is a whole new way for kids to experience books and we're looking forward to seeing lots of innovation in this area! The site is called EDITED...