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    Original iPad 1 to Mini?

    My situation is like sonicrobby. I had a iPad1, then got an iPad3, but switched to the mini after only 1.5 months of owning the iPad3. I love the mini. The size is great. The display is worse than the iPad3, but better than the iPad1. I don't think I'd get another full size iPad. The weight...
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    Still in search of the perfect case.....

    I have no idea what the weight is, but it' not a featherweight. If the STM site says that's the weight, I'd believe the spec sheet.
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    Still in search of the perfect case.....

    I have the STM Skinny for my iPad3, and it is a nice case. It is true that when you first get it, the front cover does not old flat like the video showed, but as it breaks in, in folds more and more flat. It still doesn't go completely flat, but it gets really close.
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    Still in search of the perfect case.....

    I'm waiting for the Moshi iGlaze with Versacover. They make them for the new iPads, and announced they'll have them for the Minis for Dec.
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    Rear Clear Protector

    I typically get a Zagg as well, but this time I'm going to try to be a rebel. No Zagg front for me (just the Smart Cover), however I did buy a rear skin from All my previous Apple devices have had a Zagg for front and some sort of case for the rear. This is the first time I'm...
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    Can iPad Mini play HD games/content?

    LOL..too late. I picked up my black 32GB Mini yesterday. I did the 10pm in-store pickup purchase method Tues night and got lucky and picked up my Mini Wed night. I'm well aware of the annual refreshes. I am not a yearly Apple buyer. I am still using my iPhone4 (not 4S) and have no true need...
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    Restore from iCloud or iTunes?

    I haven't found a definitive answer yet, but if I have my iPad3 backing up to iCloud, do I need to set up a new Mini using iTunes? I can't restore from my iCloud backup to the new Mini? Thanks in advance.
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    Apps stuck on "waiting". Help.

    When I get into the weird situation where an app is stuck in Waiting, I usually just tap the app icon on the Homescreen and it will kick off the download again. Good luck!
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    Can iPad Mini play HD games/content?

    Excellent. Thanks. I think I'll be getting an iPad Mini soon. The in-laws are going to get my iPad3. :) Of course, if I miss the big Retina, I could get an iPad4 too.
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    Can iPad Mini play HD games/content?

    In September, my husband gave me an iPad3 as an upgrade from my iPad1. Then we all know what happened in more iPad3. My husband is miffed about my "collectors item" iPad3 than I am. But now that the Mini is here, I want to check one out. But my question is, can the iPad Mini...
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    Awesome LEGO iPad stand

    Hmmm...I didn't have that issue with mine. Both feet are held in loose joints at all. I made mine so long ago that I don't recall which specific pieces I used for the feet. However I do recall that I had to add some extra pegs in the central body though to make things...
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    Awesome LEGO iPad stand

    Congrats on making one too! Although I'm not sure what you mean about the yellow bars not having grooves like the black ones. Can you please explain it more? The one I made is sturdy enough.
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    Can you lock the Home button and the delete app functionality?

    @Misterdna - As the original poster of this threa, I'm glad I inspired you to make BubCap. I would have hacked something together myself, but with an 18 month old, there wasn't enough time in the day for me to try. After two months, my son figured out the cause/effect of pressing the Home...
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    Stand from 3feet

    @geraldz - did you get the word "SnakeClamp" from the word "3feet"? @maryinredding - It actually doesn't get overpowered by the iPad. It's surprisingly stable for its size. The only instability I've encountered so far is in the lowest position out of the three possible...
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    Stand from 3feet

    I got yet another stand for my iPad. I'm up to 4 now (one 10 yr old foldable bookstand, one DIY foldable LEGO stand, one DIY frame stand and now this one). It's from 3feet. The quality is awesome, comes in lots of colors and relatively cheap too! I think they only sell them via Amazon. I...
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    Zagg Buds? Anybody tried them?

    I have a pair. They're okay. The keeper is the best part. I found that the sound got cut off in one ear at a lower volume level, so I'd have to raise my volume to get stereo again. When I tried them on a call, the other person said they could hardly hear me even though I cranked it up. Lastly...
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    iPad: Frozen and unresponsive

    This should be made a sticky and titled better. I have made at least 10 posts with these instructions to various people. In fact, I just did one such post before reading this one. I could have just pointed to this TS article...
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    Photos Take Up Space After Deletion, Also Can't Be Transferred

    You can try resetting it (won't delete anything important): Hold down Power and Hold button at the same time until the Apple logo appears (can take a few seconds). Then let go of the buttons and let it boot up. See if that helps.
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    iPod dock for iPad?

    CableJive makes a product called DockeXtender.
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    Freezing when loading

    In the frozen state, hold the Sleep/Power button until you get the "slide to power off" screen. Instead of sliding, press and hold the Home button until it kicks you out to the Home screen. Safari should work fine after this.
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    Email dim

    Sounds like Email needs to be reset: Open The Mail app. While it's grey/unresponsive, hold down the Sleep/Power button until you see the "Slide to power off" screen. Instead of sliding, press and hold the Home button until the Mail app screen goes away and you get put back at the Home screen...
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    Add your Hotmail account in Settings via Exchange, instead of "Other". Here are the instructions: How-to: Set up Hotmail sync with your iPhone - Windows Live Community
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    want bigger buttons on "ipod" on ipad

    I remember reading about an app a long time ago where it made it easy to control music while driving. I don't remember what app it was, but I did find this: GestureMusic. In the review section, the review mentions what other apps he's tried, so check out those too. They do exist, so...
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    Urgent Help Required.

    Try turning it completely off: hold down the on/off button until you see a red slider that says "Slide to power off". Slide it to turn it off. Then once it"'s off, hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo which means it's turning on. If that doesn't solve your problem, try a...
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    Downgraded and now I don't have....

    Bill retired from Microsoft a few years back. Now he just runs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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    Downgraded and now I don't have....

    Ah...beta'd. Well, I hope beta'ing didn't turn you off of upgrading when the final iOS comes out. Well, for the microscopic handful of people who care, my time here on the forums is short. I'll be returning to work on the 29th, which means no more daytime forum posting. Then my evenings...
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    Downgraded and now I don't have....

    I've been out of the loop (life happened)...SweetPoison, what do you mean downgraded? Did you jailbreak and want to come back to the Apple side?
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    Video capture to IPAD

    The iPad does not do photo or video capture. The closest thing is uploading photos/videos from a camera using the Camera Connection Kit.
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    ipad transfer programs not connecting

    More details please. Computer OS? What apps have you tried? What are you trying to do with the iPad-to-PC app (perhaps there's a different solution)? I've used 'iPhone Explorer' (free) when my Windows Vista machine wouldn't see my iPhone. I've read that it also works for the iPad.
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    looking for a ipad bag

    There are lots. Do a search for STM, Timbuk2, Tom Bihn, Booq, Speck, inCase, CaseLogic, etc etc etc. Or a search for 'iPad bags'.
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    iPad battery indicator %

    Correct, most 3rd party battery monitoring apps go in 5% increments/decrements.
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    iPad case with shoulder strap, where you can use the iPad while strap over shoulder?

    I just saw an article for this ModulR case. Looks like it's exactly what you're looking for. ModulR begins shipping its adaptable iPad case system - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog
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    iTunes 10 Deleting Apps

    How many computers are you syncing the iPad to? All is not lost, because once you've purchased an app, you can download it for free again from the AppStore.
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    I cant connect my sony ericsson ear buds bluetooth to the ipad

    More details would be nice. Does the iPad recognize them, but won't connect? Or does it not see them at all? Or the iPad can see the headphones, but pairing fails? There are a lot of unknowns when you just say "I cant connect my sony ericsson ear buds bluetooth to the ipad"
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    Planning to buy an Apple Ipad

    By default, correct, the iPad can't display pdfs. However, there are many pdf reading apps in the AppStore. GoodReader is supposed to be the best. I use Documents To Go, which has pdf reading innit, so I didn't need to buy GoodReader. But if I had to get a pdf app, it would be GoodReader...
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    Pre-configuring iPads

    Can you expand on "whenever one of these iPad's is hooked up it wants to erased it"? Are you plugging the iPad into the same computer you used to preload it, or another computer? If it's the same computer, that's odd. But if it's a different computer, then it makes sense since it's trying...
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    iPad Display Faulty

    LOL. Maybe you should have paid attention in typing class, maybe not. I don't know your typing skill (regular typer, hunt and peck typer, single finger typer, etc), but my response was shorter, that's all. I type normally on a regular keyboard, but since I'm always on the iPad, my two finger...
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    Moving photos enmail -> photos

    Yes. All she would need to do is touch the photo and keep her finger on the photo until she gets the prompt to "Save photo". Once she selects "Save photo", the photo will be in her Saved Photos album on the iPad. This works in email, any web page, etc.
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    iPad Display Faulty

    I'd take it to an Apple store and have it exchanged. Sounds like a manufacturers defect.
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    How do I turn auto spell check off it's really annoying

    Yes, turn auto-correct off like how 1991-C4 explained above. Then you will never get the suggested words and little x.