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    Motorola droid and non 3G iPad question

    Me too Scared but very interested Tom
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    Are We seeing Fraud in App Store?

    When you un-install a app, the ipad will give you the ability to star rate it. I have given some one star ratings but not said or commented why. All is all the App was horrible. Why, because it crashed every time I used it so I could not say that and 3 other people did. Maybe my comment...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I got to say, I love this incase leather portfolio This is real leather and will stand on it's own at 3 positions. This is a great case!
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    Sent from my car!

    Inquiring Minds want to know I too would like to know how you have it tethered. Tom Q
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    Apple releases intial April 3 iPad sales estimate

    Yes but this is for the WiFi only. I Believe the initial reports also lumped in the 3g sales too. Maybe I am wrong but, cant seem to pry this thing out of my hands :)
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    iPad - are you still on the fence?

    Non-Positive Reviews? Every review I have viewed, from CBS to ABC (Chicago) and most on the web, they seem to say the same negative things that have been said prior to the release. "I will wait for them to work the bugs out of generation 1", "It doesn't have flash (Adobe) on it!", "It...
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    Let's play.... "Who got theirs first?"

    Got it! 1) Was not listed as out for delivery 2) Went to the UPS Hub where I know someone who delivered it to me 3) The time here was 8:20 am Chicago Time Yahooooo!!!! :D As soon as I can figure out how to upload an image but first things first!
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    WiFi using MiFi

    Im having to go the MiFi Route Couple of Reasons.... 1) I still need to connect with a Laptop to FTP photos for Smugmug, Clients, Newspaper etc. Some want some weird photoshopping on their photos. Easier to photoshop and boom to FTP when I am out on a laptop, as the Ipad does not have...
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    Sneak Peak at SleekGear's iPad Dock

    Missing one key piece for me I am a professional photographer and all of my cameras use Compact Flash Cards. So far everything I have seen uses SD cards. Can't someone make a piece that accepts CF cards? Tom Q:confused:
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    AT&T Unlimited?

    I have been reading on various websites that AT&T's unlimited might have a limit. Just wondering if anyone who might have an iPhone knows. The limit I keep seeing s around 5 GIG. I have not seen the fine print one the AT&T contract but I was curious. Tom :ipad-keyboard:
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    Look ! Where my iPad is !

    How did you find the flight? I have got to ask.....How did you find the flight? I am very aware of flight aware but the exact flight? Your good! Tom
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    iPad screen care kit

    Concerned and Confused I have had a Invisible Shield on my iPod touch (gen 1) since I have bought it. Then I got the shield for my Droid phone from Verizon. After half of the pieces fell off the Droid (Small side pieces and such) as well as the bubbling up from the sides of the front screen...