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    Netflix Canda vs Netflix USA

    Hi, I just signed up for the Netflix Canada app. Are the following available on Netflix USA? Friends Frasier Star Trek Sherlock Holmes Ally McBeal Stardust They aren't on Netflix Canada and I'm seeing if the selection here improves over time. Thanks!
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    iPad use since getting an iPhone4

    I recently bought an iPhone4 and have had an iPad since they came out. Is anyone else finding that they are using their iPad less than before now they have an iPhone4?
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    Transferring files without wifi/3g or iTunes?

    Hi I have the wi-fi iPad and my office doesn't have wi-fi in my section of the building and recently all Apple software on PC was banned. I have only the sync and charge cable to connect to my office XP computer. Is there a way to transfer files to my iPad without using either wi-fi/3g or...
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    incomplete app deletion

    Hi, I had an app on my iPad and deleted it. Held the icon, clicked the cross. A few weeks later, I changed my mind and reinstalled it. Every setting was preserved. That's kinda worrying. So how do you completely delete an app, settings and all?
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    Which screen protector that doesn't result in a grainy screen

    I've bought two screen protectors now that are supposedly anti-glare and both have resulted in a grainy looking screen that's harder to read. Any recommendations?
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    Logiix Screen Protector

    I bought one of these, anti-glare protectors. It fits fine, however it now makes the screen look grainy.
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    multi level hierarchial tree style lists

    Anyone know of a decent app that creates multi level hierarchial tree style lists? I'm a bit list maker lol
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    Documents to Go or Office2 HD

    Documents to Go is $11.99 Office2 HD is $7.99 Primarily I want word processing and spreadsheet capabilities, I have very little interest in presentations, but might be useful one day. If the Documents to Go has vastly superior word processing capabilities, I would choose that anyway. Opinions?
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    Canadian Apps

    Anyone know any canada specific apps? Such as media outlets - broadcast/print or banking or real estate or cinema listings or restaurant searching or transport, etc? I've been looking and most of the apps seem very american specific so far.
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    Anyone used Office2 HD?

    Do you like it? Is it a worthy alternative to Pages/Numbers? It's cheaper than either one and potentially offers some of the functionality of both.
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    Drop Box Question

    I was wondering, does the dropbox app sync files onto the iPad so they can be used outside of a wifi connection? Or do they just work with the wifi connected? Thanks
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    app that fakes a hard disk folder structure

    Hi, Is there an app which fakes a virtual hard disk on the iPad allowing you to put files into a file system with folders?
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    iPad App Review Sites

    Please recommend a good iPad centric app review site, thanks!
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    Got your Canadian iPad Preorder yet?

    Well mine is still listed as being at the depot in Mississauga. Champing at the bit! Anyone have theirs yet?
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    Best sites for App Reviews

    Hi, My iPad arrives tomorrow and I'm pysched! :-) I've been reading other threads on this site about poor quality apps and I've googled for reviews and there are ton of app related review sites out there. Which sites are actually worth the effort of subscribing to and checking out? Thanks!
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    iPad as a printer replacement

    Hi, I'm thinking of using my iPad as a printer replacement option - to offset the cost of purchase by using it to print my documents to and also to try and be a little eco friendly - if that's possible - by not using up paper and toner/ink as often. I used to have a large format eBook reader...