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    New member

    I assume you have iOS 7. If so, while in the Camera Roll, click Select in the top right corner, click on the photos you like to move, click Add To in the left corner, scroll to the album you wish to transfer to photos to, & tap on it. The photos will move automatically. Don't be confused if the...
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    App Updates - your account is not valid for US store, must switch to Canada store

    I had the same issue & after following the scifan suggestions, the Probles remains. I also tried going into Settings>iTunes & App Store>Apple ID & clicking on that. it showed that I was in a Canadian store, but the Update still doesn't work. By the way, I had several other Updates saying I...
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    App for Nook won't download on iPad

    Apple store said that it is them who are updating the app & B&N may not even be aware of what is going on. Do you think that the fact I have other e reader apps is the reason I can't download Nook?
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    App for Nook won't download on iPad

    I bought e book from B&N to download on my iPad, but I am unable to download the Nook App. I have Kobo App, but it doesn't have the book I want. Why is iPad refusing that download? I went to the Apple store & was told that Nook is being upgraded effective 12/27/10 & that I should be able to...