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  1. marmagi

    convert video using itunes?

    Hello, I read from apple website: Ctrl B to turn on top menu. Select your video file to convert then File > Create New Version > Create iPad or iPod Version or File > Create New Version > Create iPad or Apple TV version but how come I dont find this in my itunes version 12.5.1 ? where is...
  2. marmagi

    since iOS 7.1 upgrade continues crash and reboot of ipad air !!!

    I am in big trouble, since I updated my ipad air 128GB to iOS 7.1 I have a continues crash and reboot, I cant use at all the top search bar, I cant rename a folder newly created, and some other occasions it imemdiatelly reboots, even if left alone I notice it rebooting !!! I already tried DFU...
  3. marmagi

    cant restore ipad2 error 9

    Hello, I set my ipad9 in DFU mode connected to the latest version of itunes under windows 7 I click restore and update all the process starts to the point it says waiting for ipad apple appears on ipad screen and the progress bar too bud suddenly omn itunes appears cant reastore ipad unknown...
  4. marmagi

    HELP ! after iOS 7.1 upgrade my ipad air keeps rebooting :(

    Hello, I upgrade both my iphone 5 and ipad air with iOS latest 7.1 Iphone 5 has no problems at all ipad air if I lock screen and press home button to enter it doesnt do anything, if I keep pressing home button it resets and that way I may enter the ipad if I press home button to access SIRI...
  5. marmagi

    list of changes by reset all settings ?

    Hello, I had to do: General Settings / reset all settings I cant find anywhere on the web a list of the parameters reseted can anyone please tell me the list of parameters changed to default by reset all settings? I need to know them so I can go through them and check if they are as I want...
  6. marmagi

    safari ios7 x ipad diverso da iphone?

    sbaglio o safari nella versione iOS7 e' diverso tra la versione iphone ed ipad? la barra di controllo in basso nel ipad io non la trovo, dove' ? dove' l'interaccia 3D dei tab ? quella che nel iphone fa vedere tutte le pagine dei tab aperti ? come mai non hanno implemantato questa funzionalita'...
  7. marmagi

    possible to change white background NOTES in iOS7?

    Hello, I have upgrqaded to iOS7 I sincerelly I am not convinced of the excess of white background used, it emits too much light and brightness specially in NOTES, but also in CONTACTS, CALENDAR, is it possible to change this white background? in black or as it was before the upgrading to iOS7...
  8. marmagi

    no sufficient space to syncronize !!!

    Hello. I have an ipad2 with 64GB, 5,21 GB free of space everytime I try to sync message appears: ipad cant be syncronized because there is no sufficient space free to contain all the selected elements ( required 12,16 GB ) so I tried to remove cancel some apps from the ipad using itunes...
  9. marmagi

    Apps from iPad TV Ads link is gone?

    Hello, sometime ago was possible to: – Go to to the Featured section of the App Store on your iPad – Scroll down past the In the Spotlight, New and Noteworthy, and Staff Favorites sections – You should see the ‘Quick Links’ area – In the Quick Links list, tap on the ‘Apps from...
  10. marmagi

    apps to send postcard ?

    Hello, what are the best apps to send postcards from ipad? importante the lowest cost for sending the postcard? what are the cheapest? thanks
  11. marmagi

    is there a way to find in what folder is an app?

    Hello, is there a way to find the location folder or icon I created in which I can find a given app? how can I do this with the ipad2 or itunes? or with some specific app? thanks
  12. marmagi

    how to avoid sync apps between ipad and iphone?

    Hello, How can I avoid sync apps downloaded with ipad2 with the iphone? Whatever app I download with the ipad2 when I connect the iphone to the itunes gets sync with the iphone how can I avoid it? I dont want the idevices to share apps, only if I purposelly select it from the itunes how...
  13. marmagi

    best free ipad apps to freely watch USA TV network channels?

    best free ipad apps to freely watch USA TV network channels? thanks
  14. marmagi

    what apps are available only from USA store?

    Hello, as we all know each store may have apps available only for that country that you may know what are the apps available only in the USA store? I know some such as: Vevo - PGA Tour (all golf news) - TMZ (gossip site) Google Voice OneNote PassCaddy Scrabble Free Yellowpages...
  15. marmagi

    condividere foto scattata con iphone nel ipad?

    ciao, ho un iphone ed un ipad2, come ben sappiamo la macchina fotografica del ipad2 fa .... non riesco a capire perche hanno messo una macchina fotografica di cosi bassa risoluzione meno di 1 megapix comunque in entrambi idevice ho attivato icloud con streaming foto se scatto una foto con...
  16. marmagi

    hotspot ipad per iphone ?

    Ciao, Ho un ipad2 wifi + 3G posso usare l'hotspot personale del ipad2 per navigare con iphone 3GS ? come posso farlo ? Grazie Mario
  17. marmagi

    possible to use ipad2 as hotspot for iphone?

    Hello, I have an ipad2 wifi + 3G with a different phone operator than the one I have on the iphone 3GS is it possible to use the personal hotspot on the ipad2 to connect the iphone 3GS in the eventuality I dont have internet connection on the iphone 3GS ? how can I do this? thanks Mario
  18. marmagi

    Possible to have note sync between ipad2 and iphone ? How?

    Hello, I have an iPhone 3GS and ipad2 How can I have old note in the iPhone and note in the ipad2 sync ? In the iPhone note I have on top account and I can choose between all notes, iPhone and iCloud How come I don't have this possible choices in the ipad2 note? Where is it? Can I select...
  19. marmagi

    automatically add art cover to all mp3 files in itunes?

    Hello, I have being trying to install a software called itunes art importer in my windows XP PC but cant download a version of this program that gets to install do you know of any other programs that automatically will search all the missing art cover for all the mp3 files in my itunes? thanks
  20. marmagi

    apps to print from ipad2 to printer connected to windos PC?

    what apps you recommend me to be able to print from ipad2 to printer connected to windos PC? thanks
  21. marmagi

    online file sharing services ?

    Hello, I would like to transfer some word, excell, fotos, and other kind of files from my windows PC to the ipad what is the easiest way to do this? using an online file sharing service? or how you best recommend me? what online file sharing services free you recommend me? thanks
  22. marmagi

    camera kit doesnt work !

    I am trying to use the camera kit to transfer some data from an SD card to the ipad2 when I connect it I het the message: "Device uses too much power" error. how can I solve this problem? if I connect it using a powered USB hub will it work ? have you tried? any powered hubs with the ipad...
  23. marmagi

    list of apps specific for ipad?

    Hello, I just find out that there are some apps as facebook, skype that have a specific version for ipad since I sync apps from my iphone 3GS with my ipad2 how can I find out what apps have specific versions for ipad2? is there a list of at list the most famous apps that have specific version...
  24. marmagi

    why no folders sync from iphone to ipad2?

    Hello, I just activated my ipad2 for the 1st time I sync it using my itunes which has also my iphone 3gs into it how come after I sync all, it got all the apps from my iphone 3GS but it didnt create any folders from the iphone 3GS how come? what can I do to have exact same folder with apps...