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    iPad clock

    I have had my iPad for over a year now and since I got it the clock has been fast. I always re set the time but it doesnt take long before it is 2 or 3 minutes fast again. Not a major problem I know and it is probably just me but it is annoying. Does this happen on them all?
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    My iPad is annoying me

    My iPad seems to have a problem that happens quite a few times a day. Sometimes it can happen up to 5 times in a row before I can view a webpage on safari for more than a minute Basically when I have Safari open. Or any other app for that matter. The screen goes black for a second or two and...
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    Why am I getting this message?

    Happens every time I update my apps. If I need to update 7 apps it comes up 7 times and as you can see in the background on the twitter app it prepares for an update but stays at that so I can't use it. I then have to connect to the computer and do what the pop up message says for the apps to...
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    AirPlay Mirroring

    Does anyone know if the iPad 1 can use this feature where what shows up on your iPad screen comes through your tv via ATV? Cheers Dan
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    Tv shows on Ipad

    Once i have watched a tv show on the ipad it disappears and i cant watch it again. It is on my itunes but it only lets me watch it once on my ipad. Is there a way to stop this as there are some that i would like to watch more than once. Cheers :)
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    Is there a Mac/PC remote App?

    basically i have just downloaded Logmein but I seems that my mac and pc have to be on to access it. It can even access it when on sleep. So is there an app where you can turn your mac/pc on remotely from a different location? I know there is one but it seems that you can only use it in the...