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    Creating blank page for apps?

    If your jail broken instale iblank to create a transparent icon to hold the page:eek:
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    Ok to remotely controll iPad for music,video,screen shot use apple Bluetooth keyboard If your jail broken add beekeyboard and activator for additional commands in safari you can also set a keyboard key To launch Siri.
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    Make your iPad mini talk to you in a Irish accent!!No jailbreak needed~

    I wanted to keep Siri the way it is But reading text Is not sed as much so i like to play with the setup:p
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    Make your iPad mini talk to you in a Irish accent!!No jailbreak needed~

    Ok I was looking thru my iPads settings and under accessibility I found speak selection / dialects So if you enable it your iPad will speak a selected section of text and you can change the accent to Irish,British,American and more so cool ;)
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    Camera Connection Kit + Jailbreak = cheap video storage!

    iPad mini 16 gig 3G + 16 gig sd card:) So movies, music, pictures can all be played off sd card Also comic books and PDFs - but your reader app will launch And you can copy winterboard files too! I use unlimited video downloader to get videos then ifile to move them to sd card Love this...
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    Official Themed & Tweaked Screenshot Gallery

    cayleg's iPad mini setup 3# I love this setup as its kind of sleek kind of retro Everything works great!
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    No sound on my ipad

    Try this Toggle mute switch off
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    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Working iPad mini stuff Ok so far I cannot get sound to change but that may take time for a winter board to update Some of the themes you might be trying to use could be out of date look for newer themes:):) here's another Working one I like!
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    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Ipad mini iOS 6.1 here's what I'm also using * unlimited video downloader too with ifile
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    Music downloader

    I download music and PDFs/ zip/mp3/mp4 by using a downloading app like Downloader simply copy the address of The site with the download link into the browser in downloader and the app can unzip files as well. After when you sync your ipad /iPhone use iTunes on your computer to transfer your files.
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    Music downloading

    I download music and PDFs/ zip/mp3/mp4 by using a downloading app like Downloader simply copy the address of The site with the download link into the browser in downloader and the app can unzip files as well. After when you sync your ipad /iPhone use iTunes on your computer to transfer your...
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    iPad Owners Unhappy at Fast Refresh

    IPad 1/2/3(1st ver)/ipad mini Pissed off but now I'm cool lol Ok I started with the ipad 1 it was great I made good use of it. Then ipad 2 with cameras came out so I sold and upgraded to ipad 2 and it was sweet I love Skype and pictures So I was happy. Then ipad 3 came out with retina so I...
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    Proud owner of an iPad mini

    I sold my ipad 3 and got a mini instead--- sooooo happy I use my Jabari Bluetooth ear peice for wireless audio with my ipad mini For movies,music,pod cast and the dell/ fongo wifi phone app For free calls Works great! ~easy to hold and wireless audio uuumm gooood:)
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    Mp 3 for free

    How To download music on ipad;) :) use a app like downloader ! copy the download address to browser in downloader app Worked for me
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    iOS 6.0.1 killed Bluetooth on both my iPad and iPhone!!!!!!!

    iPad mini and iOS 6 Bluetooth problems! I love my ipad mini but I too have had Bluetooth problems I think it has to do with Siri when I tap my earpiece it says redialing then Siri comes up Or earpiece is showing connected but no sound? So this could be compatibility but I think it's iOS 6...
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    What can you do with a iPad mini? I was happily surprised !

    :D video clip! Made with iPad mini and Vjay app and iMovie lol Bruce Lee Beat! via @youtube
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    Who here has traded their ipad for a mini ipad?

    I traded my 1 st gen iPad 3 for a iPad mini!!! I traded my 1 st gen iPad 3 for a iPad mini!!!And I'm happy! I've had all versions of iPad 1,2,3 and have jail broke all of them - witch makes them far more usefull I hope a jailbreak is released but I'm happy in the mean time with my mini I...
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    Just recieved my IPad 4, anybody else

    Just got iPad mini works great after iPad 3 - mini is a lot nicer in the hands way easier to carry Super happy;)
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    I need help with my ipad 2 from an expert plz

    If you get stuck like i did- heeres a mega tip Try using itunes on a different computer to restore it will be ios 6 but if your realy fu.... thats what i did after having no ssh and stuck in siri port loop i kept getting 5213- 1590 and a buch more! but i did not want to screw up itunes...
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    best travel accessory for iPad

    Bluetooth jabra hd ear peice for wireless audio It works with everything like music,movies,streaming great portable sound no wires and if you use the dell phone app it puts your calls thru too:thumbs:
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    iPad + netflix: HD?

    Yes the ipad does hd !!! :o but you need to log in netflix with a ~pc or mac ~and go into settings and check stream hd you will notice a change when you next watch net flix on your ipad took me a while to figer this out:)
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    desperate and lost on Bluetooth connections for iPad3

    Ok im on ipad 3 /4g 5.1.1 and using apple bluetooth keyboard turn on bluetooth on both ipad and apple keyboard try to connect a window should pop up asking for you to punch in 4 digit number in window box thats it! my ipad 3 (jailbroken ) has wireless bluetooth keyboard+ beekeyboard= i...
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    iPad screen bleeding nightmare.. What to do?

    To return or not? I returned 4 ipads one after another 1 ipad 2 and three ipad 3s you have 14 days at best buy to return hassal free keep returning till you get a good one i went right out side the store and activated mine coverd the camera and took a picture to check for too much bleed and...
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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    i use a jail broken ipad 3 ios 5.1.1 with apple bluetooth keyboard voice control from cydia voice actions as well activator too from across the room i hit both volume keys on bluetooth keyboard and it opens voice contol i say mail it opens mail or music or video iv put in 25 commands...
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    Graviboard Updated For iOS 5

    heres my setup with graviboard and other tweeks on ipad 3 5.1.1 all work great! esp voice control:)
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    Downloading file and then moving it to a Win laptop

    Re: downloading files and transferring them *** use I downloader or other app then sync go to apps in iTunes and under shareable You should see your app to transfer to your computer ** if it's a PDF file just click download and open in I books or bookman it will save it there And you...
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    WiFi issues...time to return for refund

    i had a problem where all the sudden i got no signal for cell and it would not log on to wifi? so i tried all the usual stuff reset device bla bla bla even restored ipad as i was so pissed finaly after nothing worked i pulled plug on my wifi router and reset it and everythings cool! i think the...
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    ipad will not log on to wifi

    pull plug on wifi router then plug back in and re try
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    Whats working on my new ipad!

    :p ok heres what works for me Im running new ipad 64 gig 4g with --- apple gray smartcover clear back plate by joy factory apple bluetooth keyboard camera kit and as of today a jawbone era bluetooth headset i give this thing **** stars full wireless audio with hd sound! works great even...
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    Returned New iPad wifi 64 gig for iPad 2 -New iPad was too hot and too heavy!

    Im super upset. MODERATED...PLEASE MIND YOUR LANGUAGE......AS PER FORUM RULES got the new ipad and it ran hot left side with just internet on! not even heavy stuff! just net surfing one window! So first of all i loved the new screen but not at the cost of making my slim and light tablet...
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    How many movies do you have on your iPad?

    Movies on my iPad2 ios5 10 movies on ipad 2 with cover art, looks nice. Hey everybody theres a lot of Psp movies encoded as mp4 these are 300/500 megs each and some look as good as dvd they will work for ipad as well as psp use itunes to ad cover art ipooped (ha ha love the new keyboard)
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    Winterboard components not working

    you might need No dock 2.0 from cydia transparent status bar 4.o-i think its 4 something anyway im using ipad2 4.3.3 wifi ed with winterboard and a few other tweeks transparent status bar no dock gravity board biggify clear lockscreen no clock no slider no slide show button green apple wifi...
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    Should i buy a keyboard

    i love my apple wireless keyboard-after returning new model * and looking around on craigs for model "A"keyboard as the new apple wireless bluetooth keyboard is not yet fully compatible till os 5! meaning brightness and volume hot keys dont work so if you want full compatability now then...
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    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard MC184LL/B Issues

    Hey guys i have a ipad 2 4.3.3 and could not get keyboard to work(was b model wireless bluetooth keyboard even paid for bt stack keyboard and no luck. i tried 2 brand-new ones and nothing so looked on craigslist and found A model and right away screen brightness and volume and play and pause...
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    ipad 2 bluetooth keyboard to buy.

    Apple bluetooth keyboard not working on jail broken ipad sales guy said i would need cydia support and thats true but cydia app not fully supported i could not get hot keys to work only show keyboard returned it and got hipgear pocket bluetooth keyboard and now brightness and volume work...
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    Multitasking Gestures for iPad 1 4.3.3

    MTG+winterboard+Voice Activator on iPad 2 4.3.3 :)I had problems getting my ipad 2 Wifi 64 gig ^4.3.3 [unteatherd] with --- activator voice activator winterboard bigify camera lock clock hide fullscreen safari safari download manager iwhiteboard videolock gravityboard and i could not get MTS...