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    Can't WiFi Sync

    Hey guys I've just updated to iOS 5.0.1 and run the Absinthe jailbreak on my device. I'm trying to WiFi sync the iPad and it just doesn't show up in my iTunes devices section. I know that my firewall and iTunes and everything is working as my iPhone 4 shows up and is able to sync over WiFi...
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    question for people on iOS 5 - home sharing

    Hi guys This is one for the developers amongst us who have iOS 5 on their iPad, I'm trying to use home sharing to share my itunes library to the iPad to watch movies and TV shows whilst in bed but it is flakey at best, it always connects but then either buffers all the time or simply fails part...
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    TV Shows cover art

    I just can't seem to find any suitable images in Google or Bing. Maybe I'm just too fussy or something but I want them to be 500x500 pixels or there abouts. Otherwise they just look poor when transfered to the iPad.
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    TV Shows cover art

    Hi guys I have a lot of TV shows that are ripped from DVDs and saved from my PVR and they have no cover art, does anyone know of a way of getting the coverart that is used in iTunes? I've tried right click and get cover art and it doesn't work. If not can anyone share the artwork that they...
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    Video converter

    Hi guys I'm trying to convert my video collection to mp4 so that it'll all work on the iPad but I'm yet to find a decent video converter. All I want it to do is take the current avi (or whatever) file and convert it to mp4 keeping all the same quality settings as the original file, is there...
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    3g sim in Rhodes, Greece

    Hi I am taking the iPad to Rhodes on holiday in a couple of months and was wondering if it is possible to pick up a local sim card that would give me a GB or 2 of data and have no contract attached to it? If so does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks.
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    Videos have no names

    ok, I filled in every field and it still only says the series number under the videos on the iPad. I'm wondering if that is what it is supposed to do, maybe the art work is supposed to tell you what show it is???
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    IPAD 2 jailbreak 4.3

    Can't wait for the iPad 2 jailbreak, it just doesn't feel whole until I can have SB Settings on there and change the themes! I thought when we saw that picture of the iPad 2 running cydia it would only be a few days until it was released.
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    Videos have no names

    for some reason the videos app on my new iPad2 has no names for the videos, they simply say series 1, series 2 etc for one of the TV shows on there and the other has no title at all. I have filled in the information on iTunes and when I tap on any of the videos it takes me into another page...