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    Verizon won't sell an Ipad without a social security #

    This was pretty freaky! I intended to purchase a Verizon wifi Ipad, with the associated mifi device. I made it clear that I was not committing to any service plan and understood that this would cost more. The clerk scanned my Drivers License and refused to sell me the ipad, unless I provided...
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    A few Jailbreak Questions

    I just upgraded to 4.2.1 and will Jailbreak as soon as I see some good success stories. I have a few questions: 1 - Can I assume a jailbroken Ipad will have some icon that will launch a shell, giving me root access? 2 - Does the OS come with a built in editor, like vi? 3 - Are the installed...
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    Ipad's unable to connect to 128 bit WEP wifi networks

    I have had this issue with my wifi, a family member's wifi, and a few of my clients. I had set up their wifi security with 128 bit WEP security. Laptops had no problems connecting and obtaining internet connectivity, after inputting one of the generated keys at the password prompt. The Ipads...
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    "Continue search on server" not working for email

    This is probably a known issue. I wonder if anytbody from Apple reads this forum and fixes bugs from user complaints. I have close to 4,000 messages in my Gmail inbox and more in my corporate Exchange inbox. If I use the search function for text in a message, the search will pull up the...
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    Why does my ipad ask me to for my itunes password all day?

    I asked this at the Apple store. The staff was unable to help me. My Ipad asks me for my itunes password all day long. Sometimes, It can be 5 minutes after I signed in. I've signed out of itunes and rebooted the device. This does not help. I've upgraded the ios since I the problem started...
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    Ipad not working with pre-paid t-mobile sim

    I have a non-jailbroken 3g ipad. I cut a t-mobile phone pre-paid (pay as you go) sim, making it a micro-sim. I inserted it into my ipad and turned cellular data on. The device recognized the t-mobile edge network and shows a signal, however, attempting to browse the web, gets me an image with...