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  1. J

    Top 10 iPad Games

    Angry Birds
  2. J

    My Ipad with its larger brother

    Looks. . . WAY Cool!
  3. J

    Preparing for delivery... what crazy things are you doing?

    • Updated itunes • Looked at some of the new apps made especially for the iPad. • Credit Card is paid up and ready. . . • Purchased and received an inexpensive silicon case from Amazon. It's very cool, because it has the fake card board iPad inside. I'm showing it around the office so...
  4. J

    Express shipping

    Ok, I'm going to apologize in advance for being off topic:) Here's my favorite "Timbuktu" joke while we impatiently wait for our iPads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The finals of a National poetry contest had arrived. Only 2...
  5. J

    Apple is being reckless!

    I received an email about my reservation this morning. It said: Your iPad will be ready and waiting this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm When you come in to pick up your iPad, you'll be directed to a line for those with reservations. We'll have Specialists ready to help you set up your iPad, free...
  6. J

    what happened to reservations

    I received an email reservation notice that lists the model I reserved and which store location. Good only from 9am - 3pm. I printed it out to have on hand in case it gets ugly at the store.:)
  7. J

    Amazon Announces Kindle for the Mac, Says iPad Version is Next

    I received the Mac for Kindle email notice too. I had NO IDEA they would have Kindle for iPad, that totally makes my day, I lprefer reading from the Touch, except the pages are rather small. Turning pages with the iPod is much faster than the Kindle device. I've had an excellent association...
  8. J

    Hi all

    <Or we may just see the new age of wireless. 27" iPad with a stand could in fact replace the iMac. Would be a lot easier come moving time! And you could grab it and use it for a presentation if need be. We are about to see something new and great.....hang on!> I SOOOOOO agree with you...
  9. J

    Need to compare IPad and Netbook

    WHOA there Game Boys! LOL I didn't say I did Gaming, I said I play games that won't play on Mac platform. These are simple little girly type games (like find the hidden items) from a company called Oberon-media. The netbook is MORE than adequate for that usage. . . I wish Mac was supported, but...
  10. J

    Need to compare IPad and Netbook

    Hi jromeo12345, Personally. . .I'd say neither would be the best solution for you, but the iPad would be my choice (by far) between the 2. I have a netbook and as much as I love it, I SURE wouldn't want to do graphic design on it. I bought it to play games that won't play on a Mac. It's not...
  11. J

    New Member

    Hi ashtondance! Welcome from Sunny So. California! Looks like you have a nice arsenal of Apple Gadgets!:)
  12. J

    Greetings from Peachtree City, GA

    Hey rle737ng! Welcome from Sunny So. California! I grew up in Warner Robins:)
  13. J

    A professional photographer awaiting the iPad...

    Howdy iNewton! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
  14. J

    In South Carolina

    Hi DrH! Welcome from Sunny So. California! It's great to have another "Mac Convertee" on the site:)
  15. J

    Hi all

    Hi HungryWriter! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
  16. J

    I just registered

    Hey pcimaging! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
  17. J

    Greeting from MA

    Hi Lisa! Welcome from Sunny So. California! I decided to camp out at the local store, instead of waiting impatiently for it to be shipped:)
  18. J

    greetings from alaska

    Hi DKS! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
  19. J

    Alaskan and former Newton User

    Hi Akracer! Welcome from Sunny So. California!
  20. J

    Hello from soon to be iPad owner :)

    Hi Bren! Welcome from So. California!
  21. J

    iLuv Unveils Colourful Protective Cases for the iPad

    iLIKE. . eeee! Any idea when they will be available? (I didn't see anything on the website) The price seems very reasonable and the folding standing looks perfect to carry around! I bet all the case people are having a blast designing all these things.:)
  22. J


    Welcome from So. California!
  23. J

    Hello everyone

    Welcome from So. California!
  24. J


    Welcome from So. California!
  25. J

    I am from Indonesia and People here very serious waiting 4 their 1st ipad.

    Welcome from So. California! We're waiting anxiously here too!:)
  26. J

    Hi from North Dakota

    Welcome from So. California!
  27. J

    What can we add to improve this site?

    I like it. . . . easy to get around in and clean! Love the signature count downs too!
  28. J

    Hi, from eddieb

    Welcome from So. California! Interesting hobbies! Does DYI stand for Design Your Inspiration? or Do It Yourself? (had to look it up, it was new to me, those came up in the search)
  29. J

    Hi from FLA

    Welcome Martin! Sounds like fun, sitting under a palm with the iPad. Now you just need a hammock, refreshing beverage and someone to wait on you:) Ahhhh. . . the life. . . .
  30. J

    HELLO all, new here..

    Welcome from So. California!
  31. J


    Hi Guillaume! Welcome, can never have too much technical advice! Jill
  32. J

    Greetings from the desert

    Welcome ChileRick! Sounds like you'll be needing at least 2 iPads:D
  33. J


    Welcome Slypad!
  34. J

    Introduction Middle Georgia

    Hey Goosetowner, welcome! I grew up in Warner Robins, went to High School there, what a small world it is! Still visit occasionally, my brother and mother live there. Jill
  35. J

    Hello from the High Plains of the United States

    Welcome from Sunny Southern California! Jill
  36. J

    What iPad model will you buy?

    I went around and around about which to buy and I'm with you AKNorth, I got the 32gb WiFi, I think it will be perfect! I originally planned to order online, but I can't get Sat. shipping and the store isn't very far, so I decided to hang out with the other iPad fans at the store. YAY! Can't...
  37. J

    What am i doing wrong?

    Is it working for you now? I just tried it and 4 stores are in my drop down window on the Select Store button. Maybe it's mad at you because you are using a PC! JUST KIDDING!
  38. J

    Can I buy ebooks now?

    My guess is the Kindle App, will work with the iPad. On the Kindle site is says coming soon to Mac and already I'm seeing some big changes happening to the Kindle site. They are showing some books as "formatted for a larger screen" however, that could be for their Kindle DX model (larger size...