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    Video Ads

    This my scenario. I’m playing music from my IPad Pro, through my Apple TV via Airplay, hooked up to my home audio receiver. When surfing in Safari on my IPad, web page video ads take over my music. How can I stop this? Thanks.
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    No more updates

    I have the original IPad Air 2013. I understand that there will be no more IOS updates for this model. What about security updates. Will I be more vulnerable to whatever?
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    Disappearing attachments

    I am using the stock Apple mail app. When I receive an email with video attachment, It says “tap to download”. After I tap it, it just disappears. I can’t view it. My wife is able to download and watch the exact same email.
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    Disappearing attachments

    When I receive an email with a video attachment and I tap to download, it disappears. Is there some setting that I need to change?