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  1. Futurebird

    Doing math on the iPad not ideal: will jailbreak give me keyboard options?

    If you want to type an equation such as: 3x^3 + x^4 -2x+1 =y on the iPad you switch screens in-between almost every letter. most of what I write and chat about is equations. And while I have found ways to get LaTeX to work with the iPad, I still find the keyboard annoying. It's also hard...
  2. Futurebird

    I need an ipad app for differential equstions.

    I need an app that can plot slope fields, is there anything like this out there? Thanks!
  3. Futurebird

    iPad beeps now and then... Don't know why.

    Every few hours my iPad makes a bleep noise, it will do this if I'm using, or if it is sleeping and just sitting on the dresser.. No dialogue box comes up with this sound... What could it be? I have about 30 aps.. Any idea what this could be?
  4. Futurebird

    Ready to try a jailbreak!

    I've been scared of the jailbreak for some time, but after seeing this app: MyProfiles - Customize Text, Email alerts on iPhone And the possibility of using my ipad as a hotspot (so my husband on his wifi only iPad could surf too) has made me curious enough to do research. What I have...
  5. Futurebird

    App ideas... everyone has one...

    Like many people I have a few ideas for apps. I don't think any of my ideas are going to be worth millions, mostly they are apps that *I* want since they would make my life easier. I have some computer programing experience, but I'm not an expert. Has anyone here successfully developed an...
  6. Futurebird

    The future of diet and fitness apps: what should come next.

    Tracking Fitness If you follow technology and fitness you have probably noticed the proliferation of devices and applications that help you to track your workouts, weight, even your blood pressure. For example: (Withings iPad/iPhone enabled blood pressure monitor.) (Garmin GPS watch...
  7. Futurebird

    Grove Bamboo iPad 2 case update: hurry up and wait!

    Like many here I placed a $20 pre-order for the beautiful much anticipated Grove iPad 2 case: Lovely Isn't It? I placed me pre-order the day before iPad 2 came out. I was THAT excited about this case. I wanted to pre-order right away so I'd have a good spot in line when they started...
  8. Futurebird

    The New York Yankees HATE iPads.

    Hey all. I live a few blocks from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I really love my neighborhood and... most of the time I'm a Yankees fan... but NOT TONIGHT. My husband got some tickets from a friend so when he got home from work he told me to meet him at the stadium. I had some stuff to wrap up...
  9. Futurebird

    My review of LaTeX aps for iPad, indepth, for the math people.

    Hi all! I just did a review of the LaTeX apps for the iPad on my math blog: futurebird | Mathematical sandbox!. You'll find the review here: Using LaTeX on the iPad: A review of the best and worst apps for writing mathematics. | futurebird I'd love any feedback. Let me know if I missed...
  10. Futurebird

    My iPad 2 Case Round Up: which cases have smart magnetic covers?

    Lots of iPad case manufactures are coming out with their cases for the iPad 2. What I find shocking is that, so far, very very few of the available cases support any of the smart case technology! I do expect this to change, but frankly I find the fact that great case designers like: BookBook...
  11. Futurebird

    Program to improve the Camara?

    I know it's possible to take a sequence of video stills and produce a high-resolution image from them. I would like and app that does this for my iPad 2. The back camara is designed for taking youtube videos, but I mostly need still photos. I need higher resolution, and some image processing...
  12. Futurebird

    Very very very mild backlight issue, should I return?

    Delete please this is a DUPE. GO HERE to talk about this:
  13. Futurebird

    Can you use mobile me find my ipad if your 3g is deactivated?

    I have searched all over and I can't find a straight answer to this question. I have an iPad 2 3G on Verizon. Today I turned off my wifi, turned on the data services so the little Verizon bars showed up in the upper left corner, I did not enter my credit card info or pay for any service. When I...
  14. Futurebird

    What can I do with two ipads?

    What apps are out there that take advantage of networking between two ipads... is there maybe a version of battleship? We just got our 2nd ipad today and we'd like to have some fun with both of them at once!
  15. Futurebird

    Knitting a cover for my ipad 2... I think I have the magnet figured out!

    I'm knitting a felt case for my iPad 2. It's just temporary until the bambo0 case I ordered comes (yes, I'm getting the case by GROVE , I'll post a review when it comes.) The back of my case will be cotton knit and the front will be felted wool, trimmed to be shed-free. I think I have the...
  16. Futurebird

    Exposed headhone jack and charger.

    So far the only design element that gives me pause is the fact that when you plug in headphones or a charger to the iPad 2 a large portion of the metal is exposed due to the slim curve of the iPad 2 case. This isn't a big bother, but I do wish the charging plug had plastic so that it was a snug...
  17. Futurebird

    The danger of clones... two iPad one apple ID?

    I just "restored" the apps from my iPad on to my new iPad 2. My husband will use the iPad 1. He's not as active a user as I am. He like Plants vs. Zombies ... email, Chinese learning software, web surfing and checking the height of the tide with the tide app. I have bought about $50 worth of...
  18. Futurebird

    I love my new IPad... but how to switch from Verizon to At&T?

    I bought my iPad 2 at Target today right in my own neighborhood here in the South Bronx. I was scared I'd have to go to the apple store on 59th st. and I'm so happy that I was able to just WALK over and buy it... There was a line so I came a whole hour early. I got the white 32GB 3G ... I love...
  19. Futurebird

    I am confused about 3G and GPS...

    Hey all! I have an iPad and I love this thing. But, now that I've seen the new one I'm going to give my old iPad to my husband! I have the wifi only version and it works well. I have a Clear 4G mobile hotspot, and I live in NYC so, my net connection is faster than my friends who have a built in...
  20. Futurebird

    Sending email with alternate addresses in the from field?

    Hey all! I tried to search for this, but it is hard to describe. I have gmail, and I have my work email which I'd just an alias that forwards to my gmail. I also have my own custom domain and website an another email from that... That also forward to my gmail... In gmail on my desktop iMac I...