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  1. arshield

    iBook vs Kindle

    After having the ipad for almost a year, I am getting used to it as an ereader. Still not preference. But I broke my kindle last week. And I am having a hard time bringing myself to buy another right now. My wife still has her kindle, so I can borrow hers. And I can read on the ipad and my...
  2. arshield

    Cocoon Harlem bag

    By the way I have had this for about 6 months or so now and still love the bag. It has held up very well, no obvious signs of wear. I carry it almost everywhere.
  3. arshield

    Tether camera to ipad

    I have the camera adapter. And that works fine. But with tethering you can see the shot live without removing the card. As you are taking pictures with Santa one person can take the shot and another shows the show to the parents to make sure they like it. If you had to take the card out then...
  4. arshield

    Tether camera to ipad

    My wife is going to shoot santa pictures next week and I have seen that it is possible to tether the camera to the iPad as a larger live screen. Seems like a good option to show parents pictures. Anyone try this. Seems like there are two options. A jail broken option and a non-jail broken...
  5. arshield

    The New Clear iSpot Portable Hotspot Allows iPad Access To 4G Speed

    I travel a lot between Atlanta and Chicago for work. Both cities have a good network. I get frustrated with Atlanta because the highways aren't well covered so driving doesn't work well. but otherwise I am fairly happy with the coverage. That being said, I wish I had gone ahead and paid the...
  6. arshield

    The New Clear iSpot Portable Hotspot Allows iPad Access To 4G Speed

    Different plan. You can get one that will work only with the ipad for $25 a month or one that will work with up to 5 devices for more. Depends on the area how much. There are some promotions in areas that have new service. But around $40 a month for unlimited use. I have two (one home modem...
  7. arshield

    Mr President, Sign My iPad!

    I got Obama's signature in a copy of his most recent book. He was my local state rep, then state senator, then senator before running for president. I have since moved from Chicago, but he was a neighborhood guy for quite a while. First time I met him in 96-97 I came home and told my wife he...
  8. arshield

    What book are you reading?

    Back to topic. Finished Once a Spy last week. A story about a superspy that gets Alzheimers and everyone wants him because they either want to off him because they are afraid of the secrets he will share or they want him to get the secrets he might share. His son, who doesn't know he is a spy...
  9. arshield

    Why do most of the office document related apps with such terrible ratings?

    The real issue is that the iPad is not a full fledged computer and people will always complain when it doesn't do everything that a full computer does. Even my netbook with a fast hard drive and 2 GB of ram slows down when I am dealing with medium to large spreadsheets. But there will always...
  10. arshield

    Is an iPad for me?

    I wouldn't do it. I love my ipad, but it is a great second screen when I travel (use maxiview to extend my window netbook) and great at content consumption, but I don't like it for content creation.
  11. arshield

    iBook in trouble

    I think I am already too far in with Amazon to even think about Apple at this point. I have a library of over 400 books. I share an Amazon Kindle account with 10 people so we all can share books. I own a regular kindle, as does my wife, mom, brother and several friends. As far as I am...
  12. arshield

    Move MP3 Audiobook to ipad without Itunes

    Is there anyway to move an mp3 audiobook to the iPad without iTunes. I am traveling and my main computer is at home. I have the audiobook in my dropbox account, and can play it from dropbox but I am concerned that I will loose my place playing it via dropbox. Any other apps or suggestions?
  13. arshield

    iBook in trouble

    In this case you have the players wrong. Amazon has 80 to 90 percent of the sales in the ebook market and the publishers have been trying to use Apple to break Amazon's $9.99 top price standard. If you looked a year ago there were very few books in the kindle store above $9.99. Now it is about...
  14. arshield

    Ipad makes you lazy

    I wouldn't say lazy. It is one more thing to carry with me so that I am always working. I would say that is the opposite of lazy.
  15. arshield

    iBook in trouble

    I am 37 and love the digital revolution. But I love it more on Kindle. Apple just does not seem to get reading to me.
  16. arshield

    iBook in trouble

    I had kindle first and I share my kindle account with about 10 people, so there is a clear incentive to stick with the kinde store. (That and the library of about 500 kindle books now)
  17. arshield

    Kindle or iPad?

    If you want an ipad, a kindle will not cut it. Kindle are for reading and do not do anything else well. Ipads do much more. I have both, but I do not like reading on iPad (too heavy, LCD screen good at night, but not during day, I am distractable and can do too much on iPad). But I love my...
  18. arshield

    ipad in academic research

    Evernote is out now
  19. arshield

    Faster way of transfer PDF file to iPad iBook .

    Dropbox is another option. But if it is only one file, then email is probably the fastest and easiest.
  20. arshield

    New owner and so frightened and worried!

    I let my 3 year old and 19 month old nieces play with it (I am their nanny and watch them 50 to 60 hours a week). I cannot count how many times they have dropped it. The one corner is a bit bent. But the screen is not at all scratched and nothing is wrong with the operation of it. I am sure...
  21. arshield

    How much do you pay for gas?

    Just paid $2.42 last week when I filled up (Atlanta suburbs)
  22. arshield

    Microsoft Word/office users HELP! I want to edit word on Ipad

    The new version of pages is supposed to as well, but I have not tried it. I have used Quickoffice and Office HD2. Both have some quirks but both work.
  23. arshield

    Have 2 small kids = Good Protective Case?

    Frankly, I would say insurance is more important (accidental damage coverage). No matter how good the case there is still chance of damage. I am nanny for an 3 year old and 19 month old. They use my ipad all the time. It is a bit worse for wear, but I am not that concerned.
  24. arshield

    BMW Shows Off First iPad Integration

    That just seems silly. Why would you want a device mounted in a car when the device life cycle is about 18 months. A car life cycle is about 7 to 13 years.
  25. arshield

    Gmail stopped working

    Can't really help on the gmail on the ipad. But the gmail ipad website is very good. Good option until you can get the other working.
  26. arshield

    Targus CityGear mini notebook case.

    I use it for my netbook and there is enough room for the ipad if I am carrying both as long as I don't carry much else.
  27. arshield

    What's the last movie you saw?

    I saw The Town over the weekend. Another good Boston movie.
  28. arshield

    iPad vs PC and Kindle

    I agree it is mostly a new market. A ereaders and tablets are both growing, so even if they canabalize one another they will both increase for a while. They are really different markets with some overlap. But that small overlap will be the area of canabalization for the short term.
  29. arshield

    Dropbox for Ipad help please

    Nope, no way to do it yet. But you can email to dropbox. Dropbox does not do this itself, but several services do it. The one I use is Habilis - the email-to-Dropbox gateway A few others do too.
  30. arshield

    iBook vs Kindle

    I use dropbox to get the files I need on my ipad. I have the 32 GB but I don't use a lot. But I still am happy I have the 32 for the very occasional times I need it. When I travel I load up with videos for kids.
  31. arshield

    Update 2.6 for WordPress for iOS Released

    I hope this is better than the last. The last is not really usable.
  32. arshield

    Why no Verizon iPhone is a good thing

    iphone has been around for a while, ATT still cannot handle the data requirements. I think the argument is fundamentally flawed.
  33. arshield

    Is there a way to get my google calendar events into the ipad calendar app?

    There are also a couple apps that will do this. I got a 99 cent one (there are a few). But I have used one called Callendars - Google Calendar Client if you don't want to mess with any settings. Works great.
  34. arshield

    who has read ebooks on the iPad for extended periods of time?

    I have a kindle and a ipad. I have read two complete books on ipad and around 100 on kindle. I think the ipad is too heavy for extended reading. I think the screen is ok, but the kindle is less straining. I prefer the ipad at night, but much prefer the kindle during the day. Like iVan, the...
  35. arshield

    Blogs that review books on iBookstore?

    Thanks. I really don't know anyone that would limit themselves to a format. Red Adept is exclusively ebooks and mostly kindle but reviews independent. She would be the closest to that that I know.
  36. arshield

    Target Confirms it Will be Carrying the iPad from Oct 3

    Good from both perspectives. But Target needs more electronics help. When Kindle came out at Target, there was just a non-working demo and a lot of staff that had no idea what it was.
  37. arshield

    Blogs that review books on iBookstore?

    There are a ton of book blogs. But I doubt very many that are exclusive to a format. Look at for some lists of book blogs.
  38. arshield

    Netflix to Bring NBC Universal Content to your iPad

    I don't understand the exclusivity. I understand it from Netflix perspective, but not from NBC. If I were NBC, I would want my shows on Hulu, Netflix, my own website, Apple, etc.
  39. arshield

    Opinions: iBooks on Android

    0. And that is the difference between apple and amazon. Amazonn would rather sell books, so makes their books available for everything. Apple would rather sell devices, so makes their software only available on their devices. That is why I am not buying any books from Apple.