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    Apple Case - Am I the only one?

    I purchased my iPad on launch day and got the Apple case. I have not been impressed with any other case for the money. A skin for $49 by Belkin??? I think the Apple case is perfect and fairly priced. $39 gets you a nice, classy case that protects your iPad investment, looks like you are...
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    How do I move

    You can also use Air Sharing to get the pdf's on your iPad, without having to be connected to iTunes.
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    Wireless router

    I bought the Apple Airport Extreme dual band wireless N router and works great. I noticed that download speeds are much faster, but streaming music throughout my house and back deck works better. So, N is better for increased range and good if you plan on stream music and video. My $.02.
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    Calendar Question

    I use Outlook and created 3 Calendars. When I sync to the iPad the 3 calendars show up. Then when you hit the '+' to add an event, there is an option for you to choose the calendar you want to associate it with.
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    iTune's "Platlist" in iPad

    The playlist is probably the best way to keep them organized. You should be able to sync them to the iPad from iTunes. You may have to right-click the playlist and sync, or you can left-click and drag the playlist to the iPad icon in iTunes. Good luck. I don't have iTunes on my work computer...
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    New member from Jacksonville, FL

    Have you been able to successfully sync any Midget Porn to your iPad?
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    App to store password

    I use mSecure and works well for me. You can have bank info, credit card info, login's etc all with a password on the front end.
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    I Hate When My iPad....

    I hate when my Ipad has to go to sleep at 3 am, and I work at 8 am. Too many cool things to do with it! Need to find a way to not need sleep or have to eat. Too distracting. Just kidding.
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    "N" router suggestions

    I just picked up the Apple Airport Extreme and works great. Stronger signal, broader range and fast streaming for music and video. Plus, I was able to use Bonjour Printer Services for Windows and plugged in my USB printer to have printing capabilities over WiFi network. I may add on an...
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    Cannot Play Movies

    TCS-Limited. Very easy fix. Just remove the synced movie on your iPad. Then change your setting in iTunes to sync only SD (standard def) content. Then sync the desired movie. Movies from iTunes can be played thru the VGA connector in HD, but they can in SD. Good luck.
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    'Cannot be played on this iPad' error...

    I have used a program called Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite by cucusoft. They have settings for iPad. Once in the .mp4 format, I simply drag over from my desktop over to my iTunes and it syncs automatically. Another route is to rip into .mp4 format, then you can create a folder in your...
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    New member--question about wifi

    if the wifi is there and unprotected you should be able to connect with no problem. sometimes after you connect, you need to open Safari and accept the terms to continue surfing. ask the desk if there is a code to enter, or if the network is open. let me know if this helps, report back and we...
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    Password on the lock screen

    Yes, go to Settings\General, then Passcode Lock. You can turn on and then set the 4 digit passcode.
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    Texting to and from the Ipad in the UK

    Take a look at TextPlus from the App Store. Should work in the UK.
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds? on the Safari browser???
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    E Mail problem

    Locked up as in frozen? If so, try holding down the power button and the on/off (square button) for a few seconds, then use the slider to power down. Then power back up and see if that fixes it.
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    is there a simple YES/NO app?

    Sorry to hear about your son as well. Nice work Matth3w, very classy to help out our members. Nice touch!
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    Home Movies

    After you convert to a compatible format, I think you can just have your iPad connected to iTunes and then left-click and slide the file to your iPad in the iTunes software. You may have to create a movie folder and then add that folder to iTunes (more involved). Good luck.
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    Zagg Invisible Shield - Application????

    My local Best Buy store said they could install/apply the Zagg shield for only 8 bucks (after you purchase it) and then replacements would only be $8 each time I wanted to replace it. Life time guarantee I guess. Check it out!
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    Upper left of the main screen after launching the mail app should show all email accounts that are setup. To switch between/among them (for example, work email and personal email addresses should be visible). Just tap on the email that you want to check, then tap on the Inbox to see all emails...
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    Converting .numbers file to .xls

    Not sure about conversion, but DataViz just released Documents to Go (& Premium) for the iPad. You can open, edit and send Microsoft office files (word, excel, ppt) from the iPad. Check it out.
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    New user in Columbus, Ohio

    Grant, welcome to the forum. It's a great place to learn about the new things for the iPad and get some friendly help as well. I unfortunately can't help with the google calendar sync as I use Microsoft Exchange (Offuce Outlook 2007) at work and for personal stuff. However, I did find this...
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    Using the iPad in the car

    These look impressive: modulR iPad Case and Accessory System
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    Problem with volume (down) control

    You may want to try a quick/soft reset of the iPad. Press and hold the power button along with the on/off (square button). The red bar will appear on top of the screen. Slide off and then power back up. Worth a shot!
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    How do you change the iPad's name??

    I think all you need to do is connect your iPad to your computer and then double click (or single) on the name. It should highlight and then you can rename as you wish. Doing this from memory, so I may be off a bit.
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    To convert Kindle books to iBook, or not to...

    Why not just get the Kindle app on your iPad and read books you purchased through Amazon. I have iBooks, Kindle and Barnes & Noble all on my iPad because I have purchased books from all 3. It works great, and all in one reader, the iPad!
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    Westell router problem

    This may help: Apple iPad “Unable to join the network” on Verizon / Westell VersaLink Model 327W — Daniel J. Donovan
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    Ipad cables

    I was able to confirm that using the VGA dock connector, connected to a VGA cable and then connected to TV works fine. Resolution on my TV said 1024x768. Not sure if the dock connector with the composite/component cables work, but I would assume so. I remember Netflix updated their app to...
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    Ipad cables

    I'll do some checking tonight on the whole Netflix-thingy. Also, I was able to get Avatar to play on my TV. I downloaded this from iTunes and tried to connect using the VGA adapter to another TV (46"). What I ended up doing was to connect my VGA cable directly from my computer that I have...
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    Wired magazine's iPad edition - anyone else tried it?

    I guess I had to purchase it just to check it out. My complaint is like most here: the price. However, the interactivity is great. There is certainly more there than just pictures & words on a page. Right from the start there is more: the clip for Toy Story 3. It's also new in that you can...
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    Video covers

    I have used resolution of about 429x600 pixels and that seems to look good.
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    ePub books . . .

    Once you have iTunes running, you can also left-click and drag over to your iPad device and it should sync automatically. I found this out last night as I was loading some free epub books from
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    Hi Folks!!

    Hello Sthum and greetings from the US. Welcome to the forum. I have been enjoying the community as well and look forward to the International perspective on the iPad. Cheers.
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    A note of caution?

    I think for the most part the iPad does a large majority of what most people would be using a laptop or desktop for. In its current form, as of today, the iPad can handle most tasks extremely well, and especially for consuming content (as has been noted in several reviews). Where it might need...
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    Best sites for App Reviews

    check out
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    Sync Problem

    have you set up your library so that you can see music files in your Library section?
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    Ipad cables

    You're right. I did some more research on Apple's Support website and found that by default, the HD version is downloaded to the iPad, but the SD version is available through iTunes as well. They instructed the user to sync the SD version to use with the VGA connector. Thanks for the help.
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    Ipad cables

    I'm using the iPad dock connector to VGA adapter and works well. I have a separate VGA cable that I connect one end to and the other end to my HDTV. Works great. Only thing though, not all program display video on your tv. Just YouTube, Keynote, Netflix, ABC Player (i think) and some videos...
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    What's the Best Free App you've downloaded?

    I like the Pocket Pond.
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    Wifi is weird outside of home network

    WiFi I know that you need to sign up with Starbucks to get 2 hours of free wi-fi each day. Here's the info on that: Wireless Internet | Starbucks Coffee Company And I am assuming that the wi-fi at Firestone didn't have protection on the network. I guess I would ask them how to connect...