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  1. tap50

    Clearing files off of the iPad

    I know that. What I'm asking is if I've already removed the app and I wasn't aware that I left files behind, like my iBook example, how do I now find those leftover files and delete them? Thanks, Todd
  2. tap50

    Clearing files off of the iPad

    I just noticed something with iBooks. I was cleaning up some apps to make some storage room on my iPad and I noticed iBooks took up a lot of room so I deleted the app, but I didn't gain that much room on the iPad. I had to reload iBooks and manually delete the books to regain the storage on my...
  3. tap50

    Podcast app auto-download in the background?

    I have several Video podcasts that I subscribe to in the Podcast app and have auto-download enabled for them. The issue I have is that the podcast app only checks for new episodes when it is open and auto-downloads them once it's open if there are new episodes. My problem is, I don't want to...
  4. tap50

    Kingdom Age ios Add Thread

    Please add me... 375-156-431
  5. tap50

    Airprint for iOS5?

    I use AirPrint.exe on my laptop with a shared printer to print from my iPad. After upgrading to iOS 5, it no longer works. The AirPrint program isn't compatible with iOS 5. I searched, but couldn't find an update. Is there another program out there that does the same thing and is compatible...
  6. tap50

    App Store stop minimize?

    Is there a way to keep the App Store app from minimizing every time you install an app? It's very annoying when you are installing a bunch of apps to have to keep bringing up the App Store. And if you are in a search screen of a bunch of apps and you might be on page 50 of 100 and after getting...
  7. tap50

    HDMI adapter thoughts

    Does the HDMI adapter work with Crackle?
  8. tap50

    "Unable to play video on this iPad" error

    In my case they were free podcasts.
  9. tap50

    "Unable to play video on this iPad" error

    Yes, I know that. :)
  10. tap50

    "Unable to play video on this iPad" error

    I have recently tried to download a few video podcasts from iTunes. Most work, but a few of them I get a "This video cannot be played in this iPad" error. Why? Shouldn't I be able to play anything in iTunes on my iPad? I have plenty of memory available and no restrictions set. Has...
  11. tap50

    Texting to addresses like 347639?

    You know how you see those ads like "Text HELLO to 347639"? How would you send a text like that on the iPad? I've tried TextNow and TextFree, but they won't text to a number like that. They will only text to a 10 digit phone number or email addresses. Thanks Todd
  12. tap50

    Rotating images..

    Ok, let me clarify some things. I can rotate images in my IMPORTED albums. By imported albums, I mean the LAST IMPORT and ALL IMPORT albums that are automatically created when you import photos from the Camere Kit (see attachment). I CANNOT rotate images in my SAVED album; these are photos...
  13. tap50

    Rotating images..

    See attached image. You must be viewing an image to get the rotate tool. I get the option to rotate in the IMPORTED albums, but not in the SAVED album. I have iOS 4.2.1
  14. tap50

    Rotating images..

    Yes, i already have that. I was just wondering why you have a rotate option in the IMPORTED album, but not in the SAVED album.
  15. tap50

    Rotating images..

    Rotate the actual image
  16. tap50

    Rotating images..

    Why can you rotate images on the iPad in your IMPORTED album, but you can't rotate them in your SAVED album?
  17. tap50

    Safari Bookmarks Alphabetical order?

    Is there a way to sort the iPad Safari bookmarks in alphabetical order? Right now they are just in the order that I bookmarked them.
  18. tap50

    Use as WebDAV

    Just thought I would share this with everyone. I just found out I could do this. You can send your PAGES documents to your account using the COPY TO WEBDAV feature in Pages. Choose the COPY TO WEBDAV option and you will be prompted for your WebDAV server information. For it...
  19. tap50

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Thanks musiman. I have added you. I have another question, when you visit another person's kingdom, is there a quick way to get back to your own kingdom other than using the Kingdom Social Map? Sometimes the map doesn't come up quick.
  20. tap50

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Castle upgrades? Other than getting a bigger more colorful castle, is there any reason to upgrade your castle? Do crops grow faster? Do businesses complete faster? Thanks, Todd
  21. tap50

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    There was nothing to download on my iPad. You have to have iOS 4.2. Just go into SETTINGS then MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDARS, then ADD ACCOUNT. Choose MobileMe and type in your iTunes userid and password. It will ask you to accept the terms. Once that is done, you get an option to turn on FIND...
  22. tap50

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    Ok, it works. Just tried it and it knew where my iPad was located. I hadn't tried it in the past because I thought this was something you had to pay for with a MobileMe account, but apparently, it is free. Todd
  23. tap50

    Where to get Apple Store promo stand?

    They have something like it here: The Wallee called The Tumble. Not sure if you can get them yet, though. Todd
  24. tap50

    Wallee iPad wall-mount

    Has anyone tried this? The Wallee iPad Case and Wall Mount Todd
  25. tap50

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    Have you tried this? How can MobileMe tell based on a router/ip where the unit is specifically located? Todd
  26. tap50

    iPad Battery Drain

    I realize that battery life will diminish over time, but I've only had the device for a few months. Seems kind of a drastic decrease in only a few months time. Thanks, Todd
  27. tap50

    MobileMe is Awesome! Recovered stolen iPad

    Does this really work with a WiFi only device? The stolen device would need to be connected to wifi in order to be found, right? And how does it know exactly where it is? Wifi only doesn't have GPS. My wifi only iPad knows the city I'm in, but not the exact location. Todd
  28. tap50

    iPad Battery Drain

    Battery drain My battery seems to be draining significantly faster lately as well. It used to only drain down to about 80% or 90% during my work hours, now it goes down to 40% or 50%. Anyone else have this issue of the battery life suddenly being used up quicker than it used to? Todd
  29. tap50

    Official iPad Owners List

    16gb WiFi
  30. tap50

    We Rule Friends Needed

    Weapons Stash prize from latest Quest? The latest quest prize was a Weapons Stash. The stash has a hoe over it just like the farms do to plant something. However, when you touch it, nothing happens. Is it supposed to do something? Is anyone else seeing this? See attached screen shots. Todd
  31. tap50

    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    To scroll within a window on a web site, use TWO fingers. Todd
  32. tap50

    Let's Talk ePrinters?

    Is there a way to upgrade my HP Premium All-In-One to an 'e' printer? Todd
  33. tap50

    How to delete email in 4.2

    Does anyone have the ARCHIVE ON/OFF setting that is mentioned in these articles for iPad?, I don't have it. How to Disable Message Archiving on the iPad How To Turn Off Email Archiving In iOS 4.2 | Todd
  34. tap50

    How to delete email in 4.2

    Not sure what you mean by QUICK LINK. I only have GMail configured in my e-mail. No other account. I have the standard GMail folders and personal folders. If I go into the INBOX, I have a trashcan. Todd
  35. tap50

    How to delete email in 4.2

    I have updated my iPad and my wife's iPad to 4.2 but my icon is still a trashcan in the INBOX or any folder for that matter. I am using GMail Exchange Server and so is my wife, but she has the ARCHIVE button. Why???? Todd
  36. tap50

    iOS 4.2 New Mail

    I don't have the ARCHIVE button in any folder. Does it matter if you setup GMail initially by using the GMAIL option or the EXCHANGE option? I used the GMail option when I set it up. I see all of my GMail folders and in settigns it says that it's an EXCHANGE SERVER. Todd
  37. tap50

    A joke named "Multitasking" in 4.2.1

    If you look in the iPad Guide, they mention this new toolbar, but they say it's just a way to view the 'Most Recently Used Apps'. Why is everyone calling this the Mulitask Bar? It doesn't show you what's currently running only what you have run in the past. I have turned my iPad off and on...
  38. tap50

    iOS 4.2 New Mail

    Why don't I have the archive button? I updated my iPad and my wife's iPad yesterday. We both have Gmail accounts configured for e-mail. She has the ARCHIVE button and I still have the DELETE button? Is there something on the GMail site that you have to configure to get the archive button? Todd
  39. tap50

    iOS Update 'Processing File'

    I am currently updating my iPad software to iOS 4.2.1. It has downloaded the software and now it says it is 'PROCESSING FILE'. It has been saying this for about a 1/2 hour. How long is this part of the process? Has it taken this long for anyone else? Thanks, Todd