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  1. SparkyScott21

    Infographic: Sizing up storage capacities

    6-29-13 Information is Beautiful Studio for FUTURE Source
  2. SparkyScott21

    Here’s What An iPhone Made Of Every iPhone Display Ever Built Would Look Like [Image]

    Have you ever contemplated just how many displays Apple’s manufactured for the iPhone since 2007? And then, have you ever thought how cool it’d be to combine all those iPhone displays into one gigantic Monophone that’s docked in the middle of Manhattan? Josh Orter over at Stupid...
  3. SparkyScott21

    US Sen. McCain working on 'a la carte' cable TV bill

    Senator John McCain is working on a legislative proposal that would, if enacted, significantly reshape the landscape of the broadcast and cable television markets by pressuring cable providers to allow their subscribers to choose which channels they want to pay for. McCain (R-Ariz.) will...
  4. SparkyScott21

    Taking Pictures With An iPad Just Saved This Man’s Life [Video]

    Taking pictures with an iPad is a no-no. I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, just don’t do it. Ever. The only time it is acceptable to take pictures in a public place with your iPad, is if it’s going to save your life by preventing a softball from ramming through your skull. That’s...
  5. SparkyScott21

    Laugh Of The Day