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  1. arshield

    Tether camera to ipad

    My wife is going to shoot santa pictures next week and I have seen that it is possible to tether the camera to the iPad as a larger live screen. Seems like a good option to show parents pictures. Anyone try this. Seems like there are two options. A jail broken option and a non-jail broken...
  2. arshield

    Move MP3 Audiobook to ipad without Itunes

    Is there anyway to move an mp3 audiobook to the iPad without iTunes. I am traveling and my main computer is at home. I have the audiobook in my dropbox account, and can play it from dropbox but I am concerned that I will loose my place playing it via dropbox. Any other apps or suggestions?
  3. arshield

    help with ipad and 1 year old

    I have a 16 month old niece that loves playing with the ipad. She can navigate fairly well. But she frequently its the button and closes the program. That is fine for many programs because she can just open it up again. But on netflix she cannot start her shows on her own. Any suggestions...
  4. arshield

    Words with Friends HD keeps crashing

    I have been playing for the last three days but after each game is complete the app crashes. Then when it opens again it spends several minutes "repairing game" and will crash three or four more times then it will work fine until a game is complete again. Anyone have this problem or know what...
  5. arshield

    Is there a site that monitors app prices?

    I am looking for a site that monitors app prices and tells me when an app might be on sale. Particularly some of the games that I am interested in but don't want to pay $10.
  6. arshield

    Any comic book publishers or apps that offer subscriptions

    I am not a comic book reader. I occasionally read when I was a kid, but I never had any money to buy comic books. Now that I have played around on the comic book readers on ipad I would like to go back and read some of the classic comic books. But I am not really interested in spending...
  7. arshield

    Best Twitter app

    I use tweetdeck on my computer. And have been using it on ipad but it is very slow laterly on the ipad. I use twitterific on my phone so I tried that on the ipad. Seems ok. Any other suggestions before I spend money on something?
  8. arshield

    Cocoon Harlem bag

    This bag looks good to me, but isn't out yet. Anyone see one like it