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  1. iVegas702

    Copying Videos

    Question. How does AirVideo work? Will I be able to watch a video on the when not in range of the server computer at home. Does it just stream from my server computer to the ipad of does it download it to the ipad.
  2. iVegas702

    Useing the Wifi in public places..

    I am at the hospital right now in the waiting room. My wife is having surgery today and the wifi is working great. I will see how long the bettery holds out.
  3. iVegas702

    Official iPad Owners List

    I got mine Saturday at 11:53am PST In Las Vegas. I have the 64GB iPad.
  4. iVegas702

    Which iPad apps have you purchased?

    Lets see: weather bug scrabble words with friends kayak flights harbor master hd Shazam solitaire city labrinth and a few others
  5. iVegas702

    How do you find any magazines that are ready for the iPad?

    Where do you go for the magazines? I looked at ibooks and there are none there. Thanks
  6. iVegas702

    Apple Case

    I got the apple and it is fine. I am sure there will be better ones on the market soon. At least it is protected right now.
  7. iVegas702

    DVD to iPad a program called ripit
  8. iVegas702

    Does the iPad have gps?

    Is there an app that will show all Wi-Fi hot spots around my location? I though apple took it off the app store.
  9. iVegas702

    iPad Already Jailbroken?

    Good for you, what's the point?
  10. iVegas702

    1st Impressions.......

    The scratches are Star Trails in the background photo. A time laps photo done over a lake with a partial moon to light up the lake and the mountains. Nice Photo. What scared me is that mine would no rotate landscape to portrait mode. I did not know about the lock on the side that locks the...
  11. iVegas702

    1st Impressions.......

    as for the charging: If I plug the USB into a Hub it will not charge. If I plug it into the computer it charges just fine.
  12. iVegas702

    How are supplies holding out???

    At the store in Vegas they had a lot of them, and they said that the reserve units will go on sale tomorrow if they were not picked up by today. Lots of them here. I should have stayed in bed and gone down there later.
  13. iVegas702

    1st Impressions.......

    Waited in line for less than 2 hours. Got it home and it is almost done syncing. Can't wait to play with it.
  14. iVegas702

    Question on Magazines

    A quick look at how Sports Illustrated might look on the iPad.
  15. iVegas702

    the only thing that i'm dissapointed by.

    I will get the 32 even if I don't think I will need it. It will be nice to have since I can't upgrade to it later.
  16. iVegas702

    the only thing that i'm dissapointed by.

    Why change out SD cards for movies if you are going to sync with iTunes? Keep your movies there and upload the ones you want, thats what I do now with my iphone.
  17. iVegas702

    The Reason for No Flash

    The only thing I see flash does is give you a crap load of adds on the web page. I for one can do with out it.
  18. iVegas702

    iPad as a gigantic tablet screen?

    Will the A4 chip be able to handle the Photoshop and Illustrator? They require a lot of Ram to help out. I don't think the iPad by itself can do it.
  19. iVegas702

    iPad as a SOLE device for students?

    Well what if you had the keyboard and stand accessory for the iPad? That way you can look at the pad standing up and type on a real keyboard. I agree though, with apple's student discount program a lab top would be best. I wonder if they will allow a student discount on the iPad?
  20. iVegas702

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I will use it when I go camping and riding my ATV. Watch movies, videos and read at camp. When around the house use it to play games and run different apps.
  21. iVegas702

    Valentines Day.

    The wife and I will be at Sand Hollow Utah camping and riding the ATV's. She will be reading her Kindle and I will be wishing I had my iPad
  22. iVegas702

    iPad vs HP Slate

    I know apple can and will do fine with the iPad. If you think the HP Slate will be better I think you are wrong. Here is an article from PC World at CES The iPad will have USB interface, which will allow a camera and later models will have one as well. I think that if you can put iWork on...
  23. iVegas702

    What's the deal with Flash?

    Dustin, Just wondering what web sites are you looking at with the flash you like. Would like to check them out
  24. iVegas702

    A few interesting articles to read.

    Here are a few articles that I came across on the New Your time site. By the way I did an experiment. I loaded the NY Times on my iphone and my iMac. They were the same accept the boxes with the "flash" running all the adds were not on the iphone. They were still adds but only changed when I...
  25. iVegas702

    iPad as a SOLE device for students?

    The only issue I see first is that the ipad might need to sync with a computer at some time. How are you going to back up the ipad. Like the iphone he needs to sync to get updates and such. Maybe the computer lab at school will have a way to do that and than back it up on an external hard...
  26. iVegas702

    iPad... Business or Pleasure

    Pleasure. Work in construction and will not take it to work. Looking forward to sitting down in the evening and reading a book and magazines or maybe play a game. i like looking at all the apps out there and reading emails
  27. iVegas702

    Did the iPad disapoint you?

    This has turned out to be an interesting debate. I have read through all the responses and I feel that no matter what Steve or Apple did it will not fit everyone. So I am going to try to understand and learn a few things. I am not sure and maybe some one can give me an example of why the...
  28. iVegas702

    iPad vs Archos 9

    iDan How long has that been out? I looked at the website and the specs and I like the fine print. I has to come with Antivirus Software, and the problems with Vista and Windows 7! No thanks I will say this. All the messages boards I look at I see people just ripping the ipad and it is...
  29. iVegas702

    Question on Magazines

    I am looking forward to the ipad and ibooks. I am not only interested in the books there but would love to get my magazines there as well. It would be great if they allowed my subscription to be by mail or electronic. I have no room for my old magazines and they just get thrown away or...
  30. iVegas702

    What iPad model will you buy?

    I wan the 64GB 3G. I want to be able to have movies, pictures and space for stuff and don't want to have to go delete stuff to make room.
  31. iVegas702

    I have a few specific questions

    From what I have seen the new bluetooth keyboard will work with the ipad. I would be nice to be able to plug in a external HD to store data on,or access it.
  32. iVegas702

    Text books not helping students

    What sucks is that when you sell them back you don't get much for them. Just think of it from a green stand point. The amount of energy to make a book and the paper involved.
  33. iVegas702

    The real reason why the Apple iPad will be a success

    I am not a baby boomer I am 47 but I think the ipad will be a success. I wan the 3G model because I don't always go to hot spots. I go camping a lot and at some of my campsites I have 3G and the ipad would be great to have at camp. Everything I have read so far on different sites from people...