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  1. Ellie

    I tried to download os 4.3

    The Internet timed out twice. I have a new lap top with windows 7. I tethered my iPad and all seemed to be going well and it timed out first time in about 30 minutes. Tried again and I thought it was about done. The message says could not complete because Internet timed out try later. I am...
  2. Ellie


    I tethered my iPad today to my lap top to update. It updated the software and it took forever. I wonder if u used ME to sync would it sync faster. I am debating trying it. I am getting an Ipod tomorrow. It will be my little baby iPad. I thought It would be handy for when I am out rather than...
  3. Ellie

    A little advise from more learned than me.

    Although I use my iPad for 99% of computing I am finding I need to use my DH old desktop sometime. I installed drop box and I think that will be a big help but I want to know about pages for iPad. What could I use it for. I typed a letter on the old tired desktop and it was a chore. Is there...
  4. Ellie

    Apple Store visit!

    Took our little pad on trip to Seattle and visited Apple Store near daughters house. The apple guy gave me an answer to question I had regarding down loading new OS when it comes out. I did not understand that Ipad is not a stand alone computer. It is only to be used second to computer. He said...
  5. Ellie

    Have a question about downloading.

    I want to buy a weight loss program by Tom Nicoli. I have some of his other weight loss programs. I no longer sync to computer. Just have iPad now. The downloads are MP3s. Can I download direct to iPad without syncing from computer. :confused:
  6. Ellie

    I am really excited about iBook os4

    I watched Steve Jobs and I am really excited about the new iBook. It really sounds great. I believe he said iPad would get it later this month. Did I hear that right? By the way I am taking my little Ipad to Seattle tomorrow. She will be visiting with her stepsister. iPad 2. My daughter has a...
  7. Ellie

    Are you still happy with wifi?

    I was wondering how many people have had second thoughts about 3G. I really love my WI FI but I admit I get a little itch for 3G every now and than. I am taking iPad on it's first airplane trip Wed. Going t Seattle so we will see how our baby handles a long trip. :p
  8. Ellie

    Heading for Seattle Apple land

    Going to visit daughter and family in Seattle next week. My iPad will be in heaven. Were are going to Apple store as soon as we can. I might give my daughter a hug before I ask her to take me and iPad to store. :). She understands because we bought her an Ipad two weeks ago. Bringing kids my old...
  9. Ellie

    Want to recommend a great diet app

    I haven't been here for awhile because I have been having such a wonderful time with my iPad. I ran across another great diet app. This one is Fatsecret. It is free for Ipad and works and syncs to free online diet program. If you are looking for one you can try check it out:D
  10. Ellie

    Any one interested in good diet app!

    My net diary great diet app. It reminds me of the premium Fit Day and Fit Day down load I used to have on another computer. My DH is diabetic and I really like this for both of us.
  11. Ellie

    Ultimate Facebook has returned.

    When the ipads came out there was an app called I believe Ultimate Facebook and it was withdrawn right away because of conflict with Facebook. Anyway an app called ultimate has been approved and it is pretty good. I believe it is the same app with the requirements Facebook necessitated. If you...
  12. Ellie

    Multiple photo app is great

    I just downloaded app called Multi Photos which gives you the option of emailing multi photos in one email. It was originally for iPhone but can be used on iPad. And yea it works. If you are unhappy you cannot send more than one photo. Try it. ;)
  13. Ellie

    Using the add to home screen option+

    I am loving my iPad more everyday. I went a little app happy just like I did for my iPhone but now I am finding + option on task bar next to bookmark is great. It gives the option down loading a lot of the web pages I enjoy such as Twitter and Facebook without using the mobile apps. In some...
  14. Ellie

    Camera connector kit

    Has anyone received on when camera connector will be delivered other than end of April
  15. Ellie

    Deleting photos

    I notice although we can not delete photos that have been synced from computer with I tunes we can delete the photos that we add direct to iPad. At least that is something.;)
  16. Ellie

    Took my baby out on the town today.

    Went shopping with my baby, took it to Ryans for lunch all clothed in my great over the shoulder hand bag. Had my grocery list in it for walmart and opened case which looks like a book and there was my list. No one had any idea what I was carrying. :D
  17. Ellie

    Do I need dock?

    I have case coming today. Is there any reason why I will need dock with case? I assume you will be able to charge from case.
  18. Ellie

    replacement for Picassa

    I have used Googles Picassa for organizing pictures. does anyone have a suggestion to replace Picassa?
  19. Ellie

    Ellie's back with a quest.

    First let me say what fun I am having. ;) I want to know if you very astute computer geniuses could advise me on mobile me. I am using free trial and find it a little confusing. I finally figured how to upload into cloud from other computer. I have stuff in disk but can I move them to my I pad...
  20. Ellie

    Here's Ellie!

    My Avitar shows me and my new toy!:D I don't know when I will have time to visit again.
  21. Ellie

    Initial battery Charge?

    I wonder how long we will have to initially charge i Pad before using. Does any one know:confused:
  22. Ellie

    This is really a great worldwide forum!

    When I see all names, all the countries I think isn't this great. Something we can all agree on. In our country we are so divided but we are united about this.;) I love it! The whole world is looking for the iPad to come to there house.:D
  23. Ellie

    i phone Apps? what will they look like?

    How will i phone apps look on pad. Will they just be in the center of the screen covering the same size as the phone unless you enlarge? And than if you enlarge they may be distorted, right?:confused:
  24. Ellie

    Steve Jobs on cover of Time

    He is a pretty interesting man!:D
  25. Ellie

    I pad case prepared for shipment

    Maybe case will come Sat. too. Status just changed to prepared for shipment. ;)
  26. Ellie

    Express shipping

    I just checked my tracking and something I may have missed before popped up. Type of shipping is Express:confused:;)
  27. Ellie

    I thought tracking would make it easier to wait?

    We are all like parents waiting for the adoption to go through! I thought it would be easier with the tracking started but I am going crazy waiting for the next point. :( Still nothing new.:comingsoon:
  28. Ellie

    Charged my Credit card today

    Charged my credit card today for my iPad 16 GB which was shipped at 2:47 AM this morning. I never though I would be so happy to have my card charged.:p:D
  29. Ellie

    How long will it take before you can track.

    UPS says check back later. No info. on this tracking number. I am new at this.:confused:
  30. Ellie

    My iPad just shipped.

    Just shipped and I have tracking number. No info yet. It is coming UPS so I hope it is coming on Sat.:confused:
  31. Ellie

    Getting Ready to Ship

    Just checked my order status on Apple and my i Pad has been moved to "Preparing to ship" Yeah!:p:comingsoon:
  32. Ellie

    Camera Connector Kit Now on Apple Store Website

    I am going to order but cannot see anyway I can add to existing order so I will call at 10 Am Eastern when Store opened. It is definitely on line. Yeah for delivery in late April;)
  33. Ellie

    Change in delivery dates?

    I notice some of the delivery dates have been changed on accessories. I already have my accessories scheduled (Case) so I assume that will not effect the original pre orders?:confused:
  34. Ellie

    Get Ready Web site down

    Get ready for the preoder the Apple website down.
  35. Ellie

    Delivery Date April 3rd

    I received a confirmation email from Natalie Harrison an Apple Media Rep. that the Ipads will be delivered to homes on the 3rd. Evidently Apple is sending by FedX home delivery which is delivered on Saturday. This is not just gramma saying this, I got this info from Apple.;)
  36. Ellie

    Fed Ex delivery on Saturday

    I checked Fed Ex delivery on computer and they do deliver on Saturday. Until 8 Pm with no extra charge. This is something new I believe so we should get our home deliver of Ipad on the 3rd. It is under FedEx home delivery. I have the webpage but cannot upload it. I am sure you can find it. Older...
  37. Ellie

    Is it another rumor

    Ipad Fools on Twitter says Apple Stores will receive ipads on the March 10th. :confused: In addition the article from the Examiner says Employees will start training on 10th and Adds will go on TV the 15th and the stores will start selling on the 26th. Interesing, right! This is the WiFi...
  38. Ellie


    Does anyone know if FCC has approved wifi ipad?:confused:
  39. Ellie

    ipad podcast on itunes

    I am listening to ipad podcast on itunes but it is all old news.
  40. Ellie

    i think its coming this week. Check Apple webpage.

    Apple now mentions ipad sales on there web page. Went to webpage this morning, put in Ipad accessories and the page that comes up on right hand side, has a reference to order ipad now. That is the first I have seen on web page with that information. Getting close to order maybe (no preorder)