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  1. china_cat84

    UPAD on android market?

    Hey, everyone. I just have a question. I use UPAD on my iPad for note taking - I save powerpoints as PDF files and use UPAD to write directly on them using a stylus. My friend has an android tablet and wants an app that does the same thing or as close to it as possible. The thing is, I'm not...
  2. china_cat84

    Pay it forward!

    When was the last time you helped someone with their iPad? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Or did someone help you with your iPad and you're eternally grateful? So far, there are only 3 people I know of (in person, not online) who have iPads. Since I was the first who owned one, I've been the...
  3. china_cat84

    iPad Envy & How to handle it?

    Ok, so I think my friend has a huge case of iPad envy! I bought my iPad for use in school. She has talked about buying one ever since she saw mine, but whined about the price. Then, our school had a tablet for sale in the bookstore. It's an eGlide something or other, using Android. It's a...
  4. china_cat84

    Is there an app for this?

    Hi all. Got my iPad a couple weeks ago with the intention of using it for school - especially to take notes. The note taking works great - I use upad - but I'm now having issues with other things. My college uses ANGEL as an online utility to send email to classmates and students (you can only...
  5. china_cat84

    About to JB, any advice?

    I'm about to JB my iPhone 4 4.2.8 (Verizon) mostly to turn it into a hotspot for my iPad. I've just downloaded sn0wbreeze v.2. Any advice or tips I need to know? Of course, I've already done a backup of my phone. No brainer there. Anything else? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  6. china_cat84

    Insurance for your iPad

    Not sure if this belongs here...did a quick search and couldn't find a better place to put this. Don't have a lot of time before I have to leave, so I thought I'd post it (before I forget!) and if it needs moved, so be it. For anyone interested in a Worth Ave Group insurance policy on your iPad...
  7. china_cat84

    iStudiez Pro VS. Inclass

    I did a forum search and couldn't find exactly what I needed, so here I am. Anyway, I need an app that will keep track of my class schedule by semester. It would also be great if I could set two different types of class for each course - for example, if I were taking Biology I would have...
  8. china_cat84

    OneNote for iPad?!

    Ok, so I have been WAITING for OneNote to come out for the iPad since I first ordered my iPad and learned that OneNote was only available for iPhone and iPod Touch. I take my notes for class using OneNote and it would be so much EASIER if there was a OneNote for iPad - and seriously, who wants...
  9. china_cat84

    Which case would work best for me?

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to the iPad world, though not new to Apple. I've never owned any tablet-type item, so the concept is completely new to me. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an iPad 2 a few days ago - still waiting for it to ship. Anyway, I purchased it mainly for school. I'm OCD...