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    Slow Internet surfing

    Got my pad today love most everything about it except the net. It's like 20 times slower than dial up for me. I really wish it weren't because this could be a deal breaker for me. I am using the built in wifi in my Mac mini with a dsl connection. Had some wifi strength problems at first but they...
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    CIMO Black Leather Flap case

    Anyone get one yet? I was wondering about the website it seems a bit confusing. PVC? Phone? and then one photo appears to have a picture frame type stand, and the other a larger flap. Is it leather? Does the big flap act as a stand? Can you fold the flap all the way back around? Lots of...
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    Wifi Strength?

    Ok when I get my ipad I want to use internet sharing on my mac mini. Do you think I can get about 40-50 from the mini and have it work? I am hoping.