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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    It's not a bug at all, please read what I posted above in quotes as you will see that Apple has listed this as a feature in their online iPad 2 user guide. Keep in mind that more Airlines are beginning to offer Free WiFi Inflight now. Here are just a few examples: In-flight Wi-Fi Access *...
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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    Apparently Apple has changed this. I copied the following page from an iPad 2 guide that I downloaded from the app store. It explains exactly what I was saying above, and that WiFi is now available in airplane mode. :)
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    Cannot update iPad to 4.3.3 - error message

    10.3.1 is the current version of iTunes. Is this the version of iTunes that you have? iTunes 10.3.1
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi, welcome to iPF. You'll find a lot of information here to help you decide.
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    iTunes purchased tv shows

    Check the TV Shows tab in the Video app. You might find it there.
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    Howdy All!

    Hi, rh. Welcome to iPF. Here is a link to the Jailbreaking section to get you started. iPad Hacking - Apple iPad Forum
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    Is the Ipad 2 prone to scratches ?

    That sounds like a nice combination, Meethepoet. :)
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    New Sub-Forum - Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks

    Thanks for adding this section. :)
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    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    Currently I have 39 Apps installed on my iPad 2.
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    Why jailbreak?

    You just posted this comment in it, so, yes, there is. ;) Curious about unlocking, jailbreaking, hacking, and/or cracking the new Apple iPad? This section also covers Cydia for the iPad.
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    Is fire fox compatible with the ipad or apple in general

    You are welcome. :) Yes, Atomic is very much like FireFox. I use it on my iPhone and iPad 2. Here are a few screenshots that I took from my iPhone 4 that show some of the settings, as well as Fullscreen mode. Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    Is fire fox compatible with the ipad or apple in general

    Unfortunately not. However there are a few alternative browsers that you can use such as; Atomic, iCab, Skyfire, and OperaMini.
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    There are 3rd party browsers such as "Skyfire" that will allow you to view embeded videos on websites.
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    Hi, and welcome. We are glad to have you here. :)
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    Hello, and welcome to iPF. :) I am not sure about Scotland as I live in the US. However, there is someone on this forum who does that will be able to help you with your questions. Just check this thread again for further replies.
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    Ipad2 upgradable to G4

    I am sorry, but the iPad 2 will not be upgradable to 4G. There has been been speculation that the iPad 3 will be, however, that might not come out till next year.
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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    After turning airplane mode on, and having it turn off WiFi it does flip WiFi from on to off. However, I am able to turn it back on. Sorry, but I do not believe after doing so that it "duplicates" my 3G service, otherwise I would be able to make and receive calls while in that mode and I can't...
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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    Strange, have you tried it? I ask because, my co-workers are also able to pick up a WiFi connection while airplane mode is set to on. Remember that once you turn airplane mode on, it automatically turns WiFi off, so you need to turn WiFi back on again. Here is a screenshot of my iPhone 4 in...
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    I have the Black iPad 2. Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    Biggest annoyance with the iPad?

    Yes, they do. Here it is: : :D Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    The Official I have returned my ipad 2

    IOS 5 also hasn't been released to the general public yet, either. ;) Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    I gobbled up my 250MB plan too fast! Tips to minimize usage?

    WiFi works while in airplane mode, I'm using it that way now on my iPhone 4 to post this reply. :D Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    The Word Association Game - The Right Rules

    iPad Sent from my iPhone 4 using iPF
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    Ipad2 vs iphone 4

    This is another good one. I always forget about the benefit of more memory as it the case with the 64GB model. :)
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    Ipad2 vs iphone 4

    I agree with you here. I have both iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 and love both of them. The iPhone 4 is good for places where I wouldn't normally bring big devices, such as work. The iPhone 2 gets used a lot outside, at home and my in-laws house.
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    Does it cause wrong when jailbreak fail (ipad 2)?

    Hi, there. :) A jailbreak is not available for the iPad 2 yet. The CDMA iPad 2 does not use SIM cards, only AT&T's iPad 2 does. As to which one is better, I would have to say they are both the same. Verizon has been known to have better coverage here in the US than AT&T (according to some)...
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    Small world, huh? :D
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    Here's Why Apple's Stock is Dropping

    I knew that! :p
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    Apollo–Browser Lets You Browse the Web and Facebook Chat at Same Time

    I agree, that browser does look nice. I might try it. I already have have 4, so what's 1 more, lol. :D
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    Here's Why Apple's Stock is Dropping

    Sorry, but I'm just not buying this and it's not that I'm a fangirl either, because I happen to like Android as well.
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    Ipad 2

    Yes you do. However, there is usually another jailbreak right behind the new iOS version so there is no worries there. Also, just because a new iOS version is available doesn't mean you have to jump on it. You can always stay jailbroken on the old version until a jailbreak becomes available for...
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    Ipad 2

    Jailbreak does not damage your iPhone and you most certainly can update your iPhones OS when an update is available. I've updated my jailbroken iPhone 4 about 3 times already without any issues at all. You also can still sync your jailbroken iPhone via iTunes as well.
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    Ipad 2

    I already mentioned one; PDANet. ;) There are no apps in Apples app store that will do this.
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    Ipad 2

    True, if you switch to the tethering plan with AT&T, you would lose your unlimited data plan. However, you lose nothing by jailbreaking and using the PDANet app. There is a switch that you can turn on in that app, that hides the fact that you are tethering with your iPhone. Why do you not...
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    Ipad 2

    Jailbreaking is free and so are a lot of the apps. ;)
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    Ipad 2

    I believe this is going to be a personal preference type deal. I plan on seeing what iCloud has to offer and how well it works before making the decision to stop using iTunes.
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    Ipad 2

    It sounds like to me what you want to do is use your iPhone as a wireless hotspot, which isn't going to happen unless; a) you pay an extra tethering fee each month to your wireless carrier, b) jailbreak your iPhone and download either one of these two tethering apps from Cydia; MyWi ($19.99), or...
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    New from Texas

    Welcome from, Pennsylvania. You have a lot of nice Apple devices. :)