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    It’s Official! Apple Sends Out Invites for March 7 iPad Event

    Great! I'm excited to see what Apple has in store for us this year! :)
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    Apple iPad still towers over Amazon Kindle Fire

    People who own an iPad can own a KF and vice versa :)
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    Apple iPad still towers over Amazon Kindle Fire

    I agree, iPad and Kindle are two different products that have different specifications and functions. They may look the same but let's face it, Kindle is basically an e-reader with the benefits and features of a tablet. iPad on the other hand is a cross between a laptop and smartphone.
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    Slim, basic carry case

    You might want to check this shoulder bag from ColcaSac MacBook Shoulder Bag, a Hemp Messenger Bag for MacBooks and iPads.. It can fit a laptop and iPad, also has pockets for other gadgets such as mobile phones.
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    Ipad 2 cases

    The sleeves from ColcaSac are made from environment friendly materials, the sleeves provide a snug fit to the iPad and there are different cool designs available. :)
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    Case with storage pocket....

    Another sleeve for iPad2 with a storage pocket is ColcaSac, however its storage pocket can only fit in the adapter of the iPad.
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    Unique and Handmade iPad Cases?

    You can also check out ColcaSac, these sleeves are made from environment friendly materials and the designs are cool too!
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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    I recently got an ipad sleeve, i purchased it from colcasac. Apart from that I also have screen protector and charger.
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    Case or no case?

    I don't like any case but I do worry for a sleeve. I can take my ipad with me without an ipad sleeve, it makes me not rto worry about any kind of damage that can happen to my gadgrt while I am on the way. I am using the Zagora model from Colcasac.
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    More Rumours that the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 Will Be Here This Fall

    I guess Iphone 5 will come earlier near Christmas and Ipad 3 may launch in mid next year.
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    iPad Screen Protector

    Colcasac screen protector for ipad is worth purchasing, here is the product link iPad Screen Protector. Thin, clear and durable.
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    Should I keep my smart cover?

    Why not then get some Ipad sleeves to protect it from scratches, bumps, dents etc.
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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    I've got ipad sleeve from colcasac along with screen protector.
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    Apple Takes Pity on Husband Denied iPad 2 By His Wife!

    Lol, may be dress rather than shoes ;)
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    Best iPad case

    I'd also recommend colcasac ipad sleeves. They fit perfectly with or without smart cover.
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    Apple Takes Pity on Husband Denied iPad 2 By His Wife!

    Nice story and I am sure this will not repeat :D
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    ipad 2 case

    ipad sleeves from colcasac are awesome and fit perfectly with ipad and ipad2.
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    iPad 2 accessories are already on sale

    With the availability of smart covers I wonder if an ipad sleeve will fit well with the smart cover. But I was glad to see ipad2 sleeves that fit perfectly with smart cover.
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    Video Shot With The iPad 2

    True but I watched the vide review at Reviews and News on Tech Products, Software and Downloads - PCWorld and they also said the camera quality is not very good, its satisfactory.
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    Have I told you lately...

    He must be very much jealous if he don't have one :D
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    Have I told you lately...

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    Virus or Fraud???

    Nowadays lots of websites come with this warning message, best approach is to don't click anything they prompt to do and never visit the website again.
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum. Dontt worry about the ipad issue you will definitely get quick solutions and guidance here :)
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    Hello & welcome to the forum.
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    Video Shot With The iPad 2

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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Why she name it sweet poison
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    iPad Screen Protector

    I don't think a screen protector is really needed however if you like you can check invisible shields of Zagg screen protector.
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    Bluetooth Speakers For ipad ?

    One of my friend have the bluetooth speakers from Creative I don't know the actual model, perhaps you can check creative website for the model.
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    Brand new iPad owner here

    Any country around the globe where people are happy with taxes ?
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    Greetings from Singapore!

    Welcome to the forum Poker73 :)
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    How many apps on an average do people have

    OMG 450, I guess you must have reached 500 now. I have 20 odd ones.
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    Game: Answer question with a question

    Who is not following the rules here?
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    iPad owners average age

    I have to differ on what this poll suggests. Perhaps 35+ people have more ipads.
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    iPad 2 Might Be Delayed Until June

    There isn't any comment from Apple on this but someone told me that its Ipad2 may get unveiled in March 2.
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    Another Dummy iPad 2 Spotted at CES

    Cool, even I had problem when I first tried to upload images then I knew some other server is needed for adding images in the post.
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    Another Dummy iPad 2 Spotted at CES

    I heard its gonna unveiled on March 2.
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    Flash Player

    I suggest someone start a poll Will Apple support flash in near future?
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    Which iPad accessories do you own?

    Then there will be a new kool accessory in the store ;)