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    Blogging via ipad

    No such app for my blog..i blog via seems like safari didnt support e- blogger.. :( is there anything i can do..
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    Blogging via ipad

    I Love to write on a blog. But when i tried to open my blogging site it seems like there was application and icon is miissing unlike i open it via laptop or desktop. And i also can't upload pic as before. It seems like little harder to blogging via ipad. Can anyone help me for making easier to...
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    How can i jailbreak my ipad2?
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    Syncing with Google calendar - not seeing past entries

    Does my friend need to setup anything in his iphone in order for him to start recieving message from my imessage? As i tap on setting app, then tap on message, i can't find any setting application for imessage in his iphone. He is using iphone 4. Please help me. Thanks.
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    Syncing with Google calendar - not seeing past entries

    Im new in this forum.i don't get used to this forum yet. Sory. Thanks for ur help.
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    Problem downloading mp3 in ipad

    I am new ipad user.i need help in downloading mp3 in my ipad. Can anyone help me.thankyou.
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    Syncing with Google calendar - not seeing past entries

    Can anyone teach me how to sent a message through imessage to iphone? Does iphone need to setup anything? I have a friend who had an iphone, and i tried to sent him a message through mail and through his phone but cant get me please...