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    Issues with good for enterprise with 6.0.1

    With my old software before 6.0' good for enterprise worked great. I waited for the second update and then loaded 6.0.1 and uploaded the new software. Since then Good doesn't work anymore. Tried everything including wiping iPad comp clean and reloading good for enterprise. Starts to sync and...
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    My photo stream

    For some reason both my iPhone and iPad at sharing photos in photo stream but "my photo stream" on my computer has not saved or syncs these photos for about 2-3 weeks. I have tried everything, new passwords, hard Link sync, wireless. Any ideas?
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    Keyboard short cuts

    Is ther any key board shortcuts for backspace, cut, copy or paste similar to a std laptop?
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    Ipad message

    I entered my friends iPad tel # into his profile and my iPad message doesn't recognize it and it shows up red? Am I doing something wrong .