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    Slow Internet surfing

    Well I am gonna get a replacement from Apple i will let you all know how it works out.
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    Slow Internet surfing

    Talked with a tech today still no go. I tried all kinds of stuff like changing the mtu and channels. Ran speedtest app sometimes half speed sometimes about full download speeds but always high ping. The weird thing is how long it takes for a website to load I mean long. It takes longer to load...
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    Slow Internet surfing

    My desktop is pretty fast but the iPad takes quite awhile to load a regular website with Photos. I don't have any hotspots near me or i would give it a try. Maybe there are some tricks to setting Internet sharing for more speed on my mini. I wish i knew because this thing is awesome it's just...
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    Slow Internet surfing

    Wow that would be amazing. I am down to 20 percent battery Life. It was like that before hope I don't have a wifi problem with my pad. Need to charge this thing my eyes are about bleeding from being on it so long.
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    Slow Internet surfing

    Got my pad today love most everything about it except the net. It's like 20 times slower than dial up for me. I really wish it weren't because this could be a deal breaker for me. I am using the built in wifi in my Mac mini with a dsl connection. Had some wifi strength problems at first but they...
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    Getting a replacement tomorrow...

    At the very least if you must get a new one you could scan and copy the original receipt.
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    Getting a replacement tomorrow...

    I hope you get it all worked out. I haven't got mine delivered yet I am hoping mine doesn't have a wifi problem. I'm not that good at setting up networking in the first place.
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    CIMO Black Leather Flap case

    Thanks cimousa.
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    CIMO Black Leather Flap case

    Anyone get one yet? I was wondering about the website it seems a bit confusing. PVC? Phone? and then one photo appears to have a picture frame type stand, and the other a larger flap. Is it leather? Does the big flap act as a stand? Can you fold the flap all the way back around? Lots of...
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    Introducing the Skadoosh iPad Stand

    Great looking product. Slim/ or mill down the front a bit for a sleeker look and your good to go.
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    itunes & airtunes with ipad

    Can you use the remote app and then run your itunes from your laptop?
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    Got my soft gel case from CIMO!

    Looks like it would be comfy.
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    Mac mini 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB DDR3, Snow Leopard Cinema 20incher Airport express for airtunes
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    Happy I got a 64 GB IPad!!

    I'm not gonna put any music on mine. I hope to pipe my music from itunes on my mini to my large stereo and get an app to control all my music from the ipad. I was hoping the remote app would work for the ipad but it's not updated for it by the looks of it.
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    Happy I got a 64 GB IPad!!

    I went with a 16 haven't received it yet, but I already can tell I am an app junkie. So I wish I got a bigger one. I keep checking for new apps. :)
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    Wifi Strength?

    Ok when I get my ipad I want to use internet sharing on my mac mini. Do you think I can get about 40-50 from the mini and have it work? I am hoping.
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    So how many of us don't have an iPhone?

    I don't own one I think it would be cool, but I use verizon.
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    We're #2

    Wow that is amazing!
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    How Are You Holding Your iPad?

    Not holding one yet but soon. I was looking at your cases they look nice. One suggestion I would like to give. I would like to see a horizontal leather stand/ flip case. No one seems to be addressing this option which in my mind is the best way to view a film from what I've seen.