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    PDF Expert - Deleting?

    Thanks! That really helps... I'll backup the files just in case.
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    PDF Expert - Deleting?

    I transferred all the files from the old app to the new app, but the old stuff is still there.... The files are not empty in the old app, but still there.
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    PDF Expert - Deleting?

    I bought the new PDF expert app, and both have dropbox synced to them. I want to delete the dropbox folder synced to my old PDF expert app, but I am afraid that if I do it, I will end up deleting all my files when I open up the dropbox app. How can I delete the dropbox folder in my old PDF...
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    How To Transfer Recordding from iPhone to Laptop?

    Thanks this worked!!!
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    How To Transfer Recordding from iPhone to Laptop?

    I have an iPhone 4 (old iOS - haven't updated years ago). I have recordings via the "ClearRecord" app, and I want to transfer them to the computer. How do I transfer them? I tried going on iTunes, and going on "my computer." I apologize if this isn't the right place for the post, but I really...
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    How to post a document or PDF on facebook through iPad?

    How do you post a document (e.g. pages) or PDF (from PDF expert) on faccebook through an iPad?
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    What is a good app for recording lectures?

    I am a university student. I take notes via PDF expert. What is a good app for recording lectures? I am looking for an app that can sync via an online storage device (e.g. dropbox) and can record even while I am typing notes on PDF Expert.
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    PDF Expert - How to sync filefs to drobox?

    I created a few folders with files in them via PDF Expert, and I want them to automatically sync to dropbox. What steps do I take to do that?
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    sugar sync vs. dropbox

    Which one do you prefer and why? The main reason for me using an external storage is to sync files with pdf expert and computer for school. I am currently using dropbox, but would consider a change for a new file storage app. I am also looking for something simple and easy to use. Nothing too...
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    "PDF Converter" App - How to fix?

    I am using PDF converter app to convert documents downloaded from safari into pdf files. However, some of the text don't appear as the document on MS word (computer). The text goes further down as if there were several spaces between lines.. How do I fix it so the pdf converts properly?
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    Will converting to new iOS delete apps/files?

    My iOS is old and I cannot download certain apps that I want. Will converting to the new iOS delete my iPad apps/files? If so, how do I prevent it?
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    Best PDF Converter App

    thank you this is useful!!!
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    Best PDF Converter App

    thank you. What are the steps to print via "pages?" I am looking everywhere to convert documents.
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    Best PDF Converter App

    Thanks. I am willing to pay for these apps. Anybody else with pdf convertors, please post here... Looking to buy an app with versatility and functionality at the end of the week. Thanks.
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    Best PDF Converter App

    I am looking for an app that converts .doc/.docx etc. to PDF, so I can write notes via PDF Exepert. What is the best PDF converter for iPad?
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    Forum Too Small

    Let me clarify. This form is fine to view (as an app and internet), but I cannot view specific forums (NOT IPAD-RELATED, eg. school forum) properly on the safari/chrome/atomic web broswer. Who is the admin, so I can contact them regarding this?
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    How to download pdf/ppt files on chrome?

    I have to download pdf/ppt files for school. I don't want to use safari because it is too simple. How do we download files on chrome (without jailbraiking)? If not, can anybody recommend a powerful, yet simple, internet browser that can download pdf/ppt's for iPad? It will mainly be used for...
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    Forum Too Small

    Where can I find the admin staff? I am having troubles finding them on the iPad app for this forum.
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    Forum Too Small

    It does not include this forum. The iPad forums are fine. But other certain forums. I have tried all those methods before, and tried them just now... The forums are still too small.
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    Forum Too Small

    When I go on some Internet forums on Safari (on iPad 2), the forum does not fit the whole iPad screen. The forum/internet pages only show on half of the left screen. On the right side, it is completely white. When I click on a thread, the same problem occurs, and I have to keep maximizing it...