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    External Hard Drive & Camera Kit

    Yeah, I've seen the same videos as well. Most of the articles were posted back in May, so I was also wondering if there's an update to this, i.e. faster and easier way.
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    External Hard Drive & Camera Kit

    Is anyone using their camera kit and an external hard drive with their iPad? If so, how is it working? How long did the process take? Any issues? Thanks in advance.
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    Newly Jailbroken...need advice on apps.

    Be sure to check out the iPad compatibilty list. There's a nice little spreadsheet online that's updated regularly that shows popular Cydia apps and whether or not they function properly with the iPad.
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    Need help on JRE

    I couldn't find anything about running JRE on the iPad. Did you check if your bank has an app for online banking on the iPhone/iPad? There are a few major banks that do so, so it's worth a shot.
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    LockDown wont install

    Thanks effcee for the quick reply.
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    LockDown wont install

    I'm trying to install LockDown on my iPad but it keeps getting stuck on the Apple logo (albeit with the spinning loader) after restarting springboard. I left it running for about 5 minutes and it was still stuck. I tried twice today, but with the same results each time. Any help would be greatly...
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    WiFi Indicator missing after JB.

    Happened to me this morning after installing backgrounder. I unisntalled both backgrounder and activator and it came back. Hope this helps.