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    Whats more valuable to you: Your ipad or your camera?

    Would you trade your ipad for a nice DSLR? My best buy said lots have been doing it.
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    ipad intermittently unresponsive on ios6.1, S/W issue?

    ipad mini, posted here cause i want to see if this is a f/w problem. Can be doing anything in the ipad, using safari, email, and all of a sudden it be become unresponsive for around 5 secs and you have to hit the home button and reopen the app or wait it out.
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    Would you say the ipad 2 is considered old inferior technology now?

    2 gens old, what you think? Lots of people selling theirs now I see. I did. Just a year ago when I bought it (dont forget its only been out for 1.5yrs), it was the latest and greatest. How did it get outdated so fast? I sold my 1yr old 16GB wifi ipad 2 for $325 with the case (paid total...
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    Is the screen really gorilla glass?

    Anyone else find that when tapping on the screen, it feels different from the rest of ipads? Almost feels like plastic or a cheaper glass.
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    I just got the coolest low profile case for my Mini, check it out

    Just got the coolest case for the mini, BB has it for $35. Made by X-Doria, called the smartcase. After having ipad 2 with portfolio style case, I wanted a low profile case to really keep the size down and this was it. And it was essential I had the magnet so that the ipad shuts on and off...
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    Is the screen really that much worse than ipad 2 screen?

    Everyone says the screen is a letdown. Review: iPad Mini charms, but screen is a letdown | Seattle
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    Has Apple fixed the annoying Safari random shutdowns in ios5.1?

    Not just Safari but any browser. I updated it on my previous ipad the week ios5 came out but had to swap out the ipad for a new one cause the random shutting down was unbearable. I was about to throw the freakin thing out my window. Im now still on ios4.5 and not going to update unless this...
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    Anyone here not impressed by the new ipad 3 screen? Or not find it worth the upgrade

    I havent seen it yet but i need to see it in person if its actually that much better and worth the couple hundred to upgrade (from selling current ipad 2). The retina is the ONLY thing that interests me. That and if the new ipad has finally gotten rid of the ridiculous checkerboard effect that...
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    Do new ipads still have the checkering effect?

    When youre on the web and even after its finished loading you scroll and get he checkerboard effect? it is, on every single ipad 2 ive owned. If you can let me know, it would be much great.
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    I use my ipad a lot in my car, what about you?

    I have an ip4 too but its much easier to read on ipad 2 larger screen. Makes for those times when youre waiting for someone more enjoyable.
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    ipad 2 in trouble? Playbook catching up with their new price drops.

    Playbook sales booming on deep discounts - Business - CBC News Playbooks dropped $300 starting today and now $199, $299 and $399 and flying off shelves.
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    RIP blackberry playbook

    Prices at launch 8 months ago $499, $599 and $699 for 16, 32 and 64GB. Now... $199, $299, $399
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    Could you ever work a job where they watch the clock everytime someone goes on break?

    I couldnt - have in the past and left. No way i could tolerate this, to me its basicaly saying you dont trust your staff and maybe its just me but doesnt it seem too much like pre-school? Watching the clock by the minute when everyone goes on break or lunch, like seriously? What you guys...
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    Should i just exchange my ipad 2 for a new one to get ios4 back?

    Cause im sick if researching but it seems unless you have your ipad JB, you cant go back to ios4. Right now i cant even use my ipad cause safari (or any browser) keeps closing out of nowhere. Sent from my sexy black iPad 2 using iPF
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    Safari keeps randomly closing now after updating to iOS5

    Can someone help me cause ive tried reseting my cache, doing a hard reset and my safari will constantly close all the time. Usually happens when inputting text on a site. Ive never once had this issue before updating to ios5! I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW MUCH ITS PISSING ME OFF cause im having to...
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    Is the ipad 2 the ultimate travel campanion? Over s laptop?

    WHat you think? Sent from my sexy black iPad 2 using iPF
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    Size comparision between my ipad 2 and my 13" MacBook Pro

    My MBP is a 2011 model, core i5 with 8GB of ram, its a beast. I put them side by side and surprisingly the ipad 2 is considerably smaller and lighter even with the MBP already pretty small and light at under 5lbs.
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    How many here just tether their ipad to their iphone?

    To me i think having 3G ipad if you have an iphone already is pointless. Cause if youre like me and have iphone and i literally always have my iphone one me. When im out its always with me. Im glad i returned mine and got the wifi one cause i realized that tethering takes 5secs and it saved...
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    Do you cut vegetables on your ipad 2?

    I was told ipad makes a decent cutting board, anyone try this? Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    How many of you bring your ipad to work to use on lunch and breaks?

    Im the only one here. Everyone asks why i bother whem i can just use my desk computer. 1) i dont know about you but my work blocks alot of sites that i access alot. 2) added privacy using my owm 3g connection 3) can go sit in my car or in the lunchroom, im not tied to my desk. Im at my desk...
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    Omg guys i just got the best ipad 2 case ever

    Griffin made of leather with real solid feel. Only bad thing is its $50. Bought at future shop!!!!!! Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    I need a favour from you guys

    My sister just got an ipad 2 and think theres something wrong with it. I dont have my ipad with me right now to test thats why im hoping to ask you guys. Go to any site where it has a form letting you input text. Press space bar then tap the caps arrow key once quick. Does the cap key turn...
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    Hey iphone users: did your iphone make you sell your dedicated mp3 player?

    After many many years of me rocking a phone and mp3 player everywhere, i finally sold my $500 dedicated mp3 player. It took some getting used to having my music in my iphone but over time i just realized how convenient it is so i started using my dedicated player lesss and less. Finally sold...
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    Using the ipad 2 on the bus - is it showing off?

    I have an ip4 and always using it on the bus when i sometimes take it to downtown work. The thing is i generally dont bring my ipad out of the bag cause im worried itll make it look like im showing off cause its so big. Whqt do you think? People are always typing away on their smartphones on...
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    Has the ipad 2 demand slowed down?

    Here the stores have tons of stock now. Was at best buy and they had at least 40 ipad 2 in stock and apparently has been there for awhile now. If this was 3 months ago that cabinet would have been cleaned out within the hour of receiving stock. Sent from my black 1TB 3G iPad 2 using iPF
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    Do women take offense when you ask them out just right off the bat?

    Is it wrong to hit on a girl right off the bat without even knowing her name? I know you should start chit chat first but often im finding myself in situations where the girl will be working and i just cant exactly start up convo with the girl, or even ask them out period! For example...
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    Anyone here have more than 3 ipad 2's?

    I have 1 but my neighbour just bought his 7th :confused:
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    Just witnessed an 8 year old girls ipad 2 get stolen, fresh from the apple store

    But I got it back for her, read the sypnosis. Waiting for my friend outside one of the stores just a couple doors to the apple store today I see a happy young girl walking out jumping in joy with her new ipad 2 with her dad. Then dad gets a call and takes it while sitting on the bench with the...
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    ipad 2, iphone 4, macbook pro, imac, ipod touch - overkill?

    Lol Sent from my black 16TB 3G iPad 2 using iPF
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    Do you sleep with your ipad?

    I do, even make love to it too sometimes cause i get lonely :o
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    My friend has 7 ipads, would you say thats overkill?

    64GB 3G Black ipad 1 (hes keeping it as a collectors item and gonna frame it in his wall) 64GB 3G black ipad 2 (keeps at work office) 64GB 3G white ipad 2 (mounted as his car deck) 64GB wifi black ipad 2 (for top floor master bedroom in house) 32GB wifi white ipad 2 (for main floor kitchen) 16GB...
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    Rim has sold 250,000 playbooks, should apple be worried?

    Even though 250,000 is impressive i say no. I dont expect playbook sales to maintain thst strong. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Do you baby your ipad (1/2)?

    I do, its an absolute must IMO.
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    "I just cant justify the cost...ipad 2 is too expensive!"

    Anyone get this a lot? I took my ipad 2 to a dinner function last night that had about 1000 people in attendance. I was definitely checking out if anyone was rocking a tablet. To my surprise, I was the only one there with a tablet! In fact I didnt even see a single person with even a laptop...
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    Do you think the smart cover is the best case for ipad 2?

    I picked it up today to test it out and its quite cool! Ive always ignored the smart cover because of the sple fact it doesnt cover the back. Only thing is, for those of you who use it without a back skin does it scratch easily? What i like is how slim it keeps the ipad 2! Sent from my iPad...
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    Im gonna give the smart cover a chance tommorow

    Ive holded off simple cause it doesnt cover the backside. But i think from what i read it could still be the best case for ipad 2. For those of you who own a smart you not care about the backs?
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    thumb or finger typing?

    which do you prefer? thumbs for me. feels more natural.
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    im dissapointed in the lack of quality control on ipad 2

    i know lots with still ipad and no plans on upgrading. the ipad just doesnt have any of the hardware issues on ipad 2. ive seen and played with at least 15 ipad 2's and all had backlight bleed. at least half had either yellow tinting or deadl pixels. 2 had the glue seperating issue. ive...
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    Whats your response to playbook owners who the ipad 2 has to be set down to type on?

    Its not entirely true as we can thumb type with the ipad 2 in both hands - just it has to be held in portrait mode. Anyone else do this? Cause thumb typing is what i prefer. Sent from my sexy white 3G 16GB ipad 2
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    The poor mans ipad killer? Only $200 wow, introducing the epad

    YouTube - 10.2" ePad Android 2.1 HDMI WiFi GPS Tablet Fake Apple iPad Unbox Review by OSGUI