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  1. skimonkey

    Multi-peer Connectivity Framework in iOS 7!

    I read this on twitter with the primary source from Cult of Mac. Apple built "Multi peer Connectivity Framework." This allows users to text through a network of other users without the use of internet. It speaks about Apple building in the "first major mainstream implementation of wireless...
  2. skimonkey

    Red Clock (Weather and Alarm) -- Limited time -- Free today!!

    Red Clock (Weather and Alarm) is free for the iPhone today only. Regularly $1.99, is now free. Get it while you can!! :)
  3. skimonkey

    Tetris--Limited Time Free

    Tetris is currently free for the iPhone. It is regularly .99¢, but now free until April 7, 2014. You need to have the Apple store app on your iPhone to access this free offering. Get it while you can! :)
  4. skimonkey

    Audobon Butterflies--Limited Time--Free!!

    This is app became free this past Friday. Regularly $4.99! Get it while you can! :)
  5. skimonkey

    Splashtop gone free for a limited time (1-day only)

    For a limited time, Splashtop is free. Regularly $2.99, but free on appsgonefee.
  6. skimonkey

    FITBIT APP with Fitbit Zip & Flex

    Fitbit App Hi everyone! Since May, I have had a chance to try out a Fitbit Zip and Flex. Both are electronic pedometers that count your steps, distance walked, calories burned and Sleep pattern (Flex). The Zip is worn in your pocket or on your belt. While the Flex is a wristband that you...
  7. skimonkey


    Hi everyone-- Recently I purchased the color package on tapatalk for $4.99. It was purchased in my iPhone in the tapatalk app. Since I made this in app purchase-I thought it would unlock the colors on the same app on my iPad, but it hasn't. Does anyone know why, or do I have to buy the...
  8. skimonkey

    Post a pic of your Lock Screen and Home Screen!

    Here's my Lock Screen. My husband sent me the picture on Valentine's Day: Here is my Home Screen...compliments from Disney! ;) There was another thread like this, but it was from 2010. Many of the members are no longer active and some of their pics are now blank. So...
  9. skimonkey

    Assistive Touch Setting

    I have been using the Assistive Touch Setting on my iPhone and ipad for a while. I wanted to try out this feature to see how it would work for my own patients with tactile or dexterity/precision movement limitations with hand use. To turn on the Assistive Touch go to...