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  1. DrHouse

    The iPad as a YouTube studio: Video editing App: Cute CUT

    I forgot to mention that GarageBand is used for background intro in my stuff. The iPad is a complete portable studio. Vicopad addick!
  2. DrHouse

    The iPad as a YouTube studio: Video editing App: Cute CUT

    I've been busy lately working on personal projects and my YouTube channel. There are many tools available to record, edit and upload your videos to YouTube on a PC but I've found that my iPad 4 is the perfect tool. Lets start with the required inventory: - iPad (of course) - An external...
  3. DrHouse

    iMovie seems to keep recorded audio clips

    Hi all, I need a bit of help with iMovie on the iPad. I've been using iMovie a lot these days and often, I will record audio clips to comment the video. The things is that there seems to be no way to deleted the recorded audio clips once I'm done. What I mean is that I can remove them from...
  4. DrHouse

    Is it possible to have more RAM installed Orig. ipad?

    Short answer: no It will die as it was born Vicopad addick!
  5. DrHouse

    Hello - I am not an iPad user, but need advice

    Any PDF will work on the iPad. It can be received from an email or downloaded from a web page, it does not really matter. You can even put your PDF directly in iBook or any other app that supports a shared folder thru iTunes. Any PDFs can be viewed and saved into iBook for later reading...
  6. DrHouse

    Moving movies from iPhone to the iPad, the easy way

    Hi folks, I figured a simple way to transfer my movies captured from my iPhone to my iPad over wifi without having to use iTunes. The transferred movies will eventually be put in the camera roll, thus available for iMovie... To do this, I used AirDisk Pro. You actually need an app that can...
  7. DrHouse

    iMovie on the iPad

    I've been using iMovie on my iPad more and more to create episodes for my show. It's a great tool to create 5 min. Podcasts as you can record, edit and publish on the fly with it. I was wondering if themes, sound effects and other goodies can be added to it's library. I've looked in the...
  8. DrHouse

    Excel on ipad

    Have a look at Numbers from Apple
  9. DrHouse

    Jumped from the iPad 1 to the iPad 4...

    Hi all, I finally made the move to a new iPad 4 Wifi... It's really great! I was waiting as long as I could with the iPad 1 as it is still working perfectly well. The issues I was facing was random crashes in the AppStore and some apps would not update anymore because they require iOS 6 as...
  10. DrHouse

    Screen capture with Display Recorder

    Display Recorder is back in the AppStore. But for 9.99$...
  11. DrHouse

    Using GarageBand to create Ringtones/Alerts

    Here is an almost easy way to make your own ringtones/alerts sound using GarageBand on iOS: 1 - Start GarageBand on your device 2 - Create a new song 3 - Select any instrument, it does not really matter for now 4 - Click on the icon that will show all your tracks instead of the instrument view...
  12. DrHouse

    Are you getting many notifications from iPF?

    Hi all, In the last few days, I'm receiving many notifications from the iPF app as if someone posted in one of the thread I subscribed to. But each time, nothing was posted. I wonder if I am receiving these notifications simply because someone viewed the thread instead. This is happening on...
  13. DrHouse

    Music. App

    You need to activate Home Sharing in iTunes and also on your iPad. Once activated, your iPad will see your iTunes library and you'll be able to watch/listen to the content on your PC from your iPad. Same goes for the AppleTV also able to connect to your iTunes library over wifi. Go in your...
  14. DrHouse

    Can't update apps with iPad 1

    I got the same issue today with Cut The Rope. My best guess is to delete the app, but first you need to backup it on iTunes to avoid losing it. Pretty sure that it's impossible to get an older version of the app when a new higher requirement is set. Probably we'll get more and more apps that...
  15. DrHouse

    Please help a newbie to keynote

    Softwares as Keynotes, PowerPoint or Impress are actually targeting the paper format, which is essentially 4:3 or around that. I assume by your requirement that you are trying to produce a presentation that will be shown on a HD TV. This problem has been existing for a long time and if my...
  16. DrHouse

    Remote control an iPAD

    If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, there are a few apps that can remotely control the camera from one device to the other... I tried with my Bluetooth ear piece, but it does not work (at least on my iPhone)...
  17. DrHouse

    How can I video myself while using a different app?

    You're talking about screen casting from your iPad. There was an app a while ago that could do it but it was removed. Luckily I was able to purchase it before it was removed. You best bet is jailbreaking your device. I think that Display Rec. is now available Cydia store
  18. DrHouse

    Ipad's Videos app stopped working

    Had a similar issue but with the Music app instead. I installed the Podcast App out of curiosity and my Music app was stuck on the last tune I played. No songs or artists were displayed in the Music app, until I launched Podcast and did a reboot...
  19. DrHouse

    IPF welcomes it's 250,000th member!

    Just checked latest numbers of total iPad sold: 84 000 000... So iPF has 0,3% of the total iPad users population (assuming that's 84 000 000 distinct users as the worst case)
  20. DrHouse

    IPF welcomes it's 250,000th member!

    Congrats! Now 250k to go for half a million... ;)
  21. DrHouse

    No Apple TV viewing option with YouTube and IO6?

    Another way to do this is to use the Remote app to control the Apple TV and do the browsing directly in the YouTube app on the Apple TV itself. The benefit is that the Remote app invokes the keyboard whenever text input is required on the Apple Tv. At the same time, you free up your device to...
  22. DrHouse

    Post your favorite questions to Siri...

    If you speak French Canadian (Québécois) , Siri will now understand our swear words... I got a few funny answers from her. We can use a whole sentence of swears and understand each other perfectly, and now does Siri (iOS 6) to some degree... Also, I asked her "what's on the news", and she...
  23. DrHouse

    What's the 16:9 iPad? Perhaps the next generation will be able to see

    Wen reading a book, if you consider the two pages, you almost have a 4:3 ratio. Anything wider or taller is just not comfortable to handle or to read. The eye cannot see more than a few inches wide, so the larger the display, the more scanning is required to read the whole text, which can be...
  24. DrHouse

    Ipad 3 -> Apple TV -> Airplay -> iOS6 Sound, no video

    The issue is mostly related to the app itself. Some video content cannot be "AirPlayed" because the provider prevents it. I have a few apps, mostly by some TV providers that do not let the video play on the AppleTV via AirPlay. This is why you only end up with audio only. This has nothing to...
  25. DrHouse

    Rogers One Number app for the iPad, goodbye Skype!

    Hi all! My service provider for my iPhone is Rogers, here in Canada. A few days ago, they released a new app for the iPad that enables your iPad to make and receive calls on your iPad using my actual cell phone number. And it's free! You can make calls for free all over Canada without using...
  26. DrHouse

    Cellular data usage

    iCloud could be your culprit here. If you activated the photo stream and are taking pictures with your iPad while on the cellular connection, this pics will be uploaded into your photo stream over 3G. Same goes for some apps that keep some data in iCloud like Pages and a Numbers. Go in your...
  27. DrHouse

    Why can't paste mp3 files in my ipad via USB?

    iTunes is a media manager software, Ubuntu is an operating system like Windows or OSX. The thing is that under Ubuntu Linux, they were able to integrate iOS devices as any external USB devices. This is pretty handy as you don't need special softwares or drivers to support the device. Synching...
  28. DrHouse

    iPad Apple ID changed after IOS 6 Upgrade - Can I Change Apple ID Back?

    I'm not sure, but could it be the sync process between iTunes and the iPad? Have you upgraded with iTunes or directly from OTA on the iPad?
  29. DrHouse

    Using ubuntu, how to enjoy the ipad...

    IOS 6 is out, but not on the iPad 1, so I could not test this new version on my Ubuntu laptop. But I did it with my iPhone 4S to see if the new iOS would require more magic tricks from the Linux community... And the answer is no. It just works as it was before, at least with my iPhone 4S...
  30. DrHouse

    Why can't paste mp3 files in my ipad via USB?

    iTunes can also help you add your own collection on your device. First, you need to add your music into the iTunes library, then you will have to sync your iPad with this iTunes setup. iOS devices do not support simple drag'n drop like other media players, sadly. In my case, since I am not...
  31. DrHouse

    Ipad crashing all the time

    That's the problem I had. For some reason, several taps were needed to edit, click or do an action. Seemed like the iPad was stuck doing something else in the background before responding to the screen input. As for Facebook crashing when loading a picture, this points to a memory issue as...
  32. DrHouse

    Ipad crashing all the time

    I I had the same issue with mine a few months ago. I did a complete reset without restoring with iTunes and reinstalled manually all my apps. In my case, it did the trick but I still get crashes with the AppStore from time to time. I disabled the gestures and the auto-correct also. Until...
  33. DrHouse

    IPad user discovering the Hipstreet Aurora Tablet

    Hi all! Last Friday, I bought an Android tablet for development purpose. It's the Hipstreet Aurora model, on sale at 79$. It's a cheap tablet with low specs, but it is running ICS and it seemed like a good deal to investigate the "dark side" :) Seriously, even if this is a slow tablet, I...
  34. DrHouse

    ipad 1 stopping for no reason

    Does it shutdown while playing games? My old 3gs was doing that because the battery was getting hotter and triggered a safety shutdown mechanism. Check if your iPad is hot or at least warmer than usual when it happens. If its the case, then there is a good chance that the battery is getting...
  35. DrHouse

    Internet speed on 3G and wifi slowed to a crawl

    I was referring to the 3G connection, not the iPhone 3G.... Is the issue only on your wifi network? If so, then the issue is mostly with your router than your iPad. Make sure to be the only connected device on it for a quick test and validate the connection. If all goes well, then you may...
  36. DrHouse

    Internet speed on 3G and wifi slowed to a crawl

    Download and install Speed Test from the AppStore. This will test your bandwidth capacity. If you have a good rating, even of you have issues loading any web pages, then you have a DNS issue. Otherwise, it can be something else and will require more investigation. Whenever loading a web page...
  37. DrHouse

    Screen capture with Display Recorder

    It's gone from the AppStore sadly... I think they moved to Cydia now...
  38. DrHouse

    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Zite is a must for me
  39. DrHouse

    Reorganizing podcasts on the AppleTV

    Hi all, I just made a small discovery on my AppleTV 2. With favorites in the podcasts app, you can reorganize them by pressing and holding one of them, like you would do on an iPad, and move it around. I have several podcasts that I follow so I wanted to have them in a particular order...
  40. DrHouse

    email accounts are mixed up and interacting - very dangerous

    It occurred to me that the issue could be triggered in a simpler way than viruses and advance mumbo-jumbo... Could it be possible that when you were writing a new email, you started by clicking on the contact in your contact list instead of creating a new email and adding your destination...