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    External USB storage Support on JB iPad 2 4.3.3

    I thought I'd add this question here, if it belongs elsewhere, please let me know. I often have to attend conferences. At these conferences, there used to be paper handouts. Now that many are "going green" we are simply given a USB flash drive. I don't like to bring a laptop to take notes, as...
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Thanks Mickey! That is exactly right! If I order for in store pickup, it will take 2 weeks (according to you and to Best Buy! Thank you for being so knowledgeable!) I went into the store (was there when it opened!) and there were 4 in stock. They were located with the accessories for the iPad...
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    Case with blue-tooth keyboard built in

    I went ahead and returned the Brookstone case. There were a few things about it that did not appeal to me. First, I was used to the strength of the InCase case I had been using with the wireless keyboard. In comparison, the Brookstone case appeared flimsy. Since there is no case with the...
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    Case with blue-tooth keyboard built in

    Thank you both for your suggestions regarding the Zaggmate. And for your review Marilyn, I went over and checked it out. (Your review and the Zaggmate.) Now I know what I really, really want. (And am hoping I can get a refund on my Brookstone.) This forum is great and it's people like you two...
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    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    Okay. This is what I TOTALLY want now. I wonder if I can return the Brookstone one? But I am confused. BestBuy states that it is in store AND that it is backordered. It states I can pick it up tomorrow AND that it will be shipped to the store in 1-2 weeks. I do not understand. It is either one...
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    Case with blue-tooth keyboard built in

    Hi, I just purchased a case with blue-tooth keyboard built in from Brookstone, but I still prefer the apple wireless keyboard. I was looking for a good case to carry the keyboard and iPad, but the store didn't have one at the time. I have two questions: (1) Does anyone have the...
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    The International Herald Tribune Releases Free iPad App

    Will they automatically start charging and taking the money out of my account? Or will I be able to remove the app before that starts? Or does adding the app include my tacit agreement that I will be allowing them to charge me and drain my account without further notice? Because I think it would...
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    The International Herald Tribune Releases Free iPad App

    Does this mean that if you download the app now for free, you will be charged for keeping it on your ipad starting in January?
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    Best DVD to iPad tool ?

    I like Cucusoft...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Wondering why my intro never posted....
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    Greetings All!

    Hi, I just discovered this forum, and am already impressed. I have an iPad, 3G and wi-fi. I love it. I am always looking for cool ways to use it. I bought it to use for school, and found that when it didn't use flash, I could use splashtop. Also to read pdf docs in the library at my...