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  1. Bikie

    Poll option does not show up on IPF App

    How do you create a poll from the iPad app? I don't see the option at the bottom of the thread before typing anything in the body. I tried to create a new poll in the poll thread section of the forum. Is it because I'm relatively new here?
  2. Bikie

    I can't see my apps but i can find then using the search

    I have this problem, I have a number of apps that are are not visible but I can still find them on the iPad search and therefore are still usable. How can this be possible? Where the heck are they hidden?
  3. Bikie

    Down to the last 250MB

    I'm down to the last 250Mb of memory on my iPad 2 and I have no videos/movies or music. However I have a few pictures but the majority of them were imported so I can't delete them unless I sync, which I'm not fan of that as my pad is jailbreak... So, where all the 16GB have gone? Ibis can I...
  4. Bikie

    Arranging spps with gaps

    I have seen a screenshot here of an iPad two with some gaps between rows of icons/apps. Ive made the effort to find the right third party application that does that but I can't find it. Can someone help me? Many thanks. Yes mine is jailbreak of course...
  5. Bikie

    Ipad 2 for business still a long way to reality

    I always carry my iPad 2 with me, we all know how great it is to read, surf the net and play games, is definitely an entertaining device. But when it comes to do the real business and show it's real 'office' potential, really let's you (or at least me) down. I'll put an example. I have all sort...
  6. Bikie

    Newbie hi all

    Hi guys, I'm new but have been reading this forums for some 3 months. My brother queu up on release day to buy me an iPad and the following day it was with me, I just couldn't believe it! I am a lucky man.