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    Bluetooth or wireless headset suggestions?

    I am looking for a good bluetooth or wireless headset that will work with the ipad 2 and iphone 4. I am not looking for headband style. I would really like something that is flexible and I can wear only one earbud if I want. So far I can't find a good pair. Most of what I find is headband...
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    Zagg invisible shield on ipad 2

    Two questions Did anyone get the full body installed on the iPad 2? I'm interested in it but want to know how it affects the speaker. Did anyone who got the zagg invisible shield put on the screen have a problem with the cut? On mine the camera hole is off my a few centimeters and covers part...
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    Media Player that speeds up video

    I'm looking for a media player that speeds up video playback. I have tried VLC. The ipad and iphone versions don't have this feature but the computer version does. I have also looked into BUZZ and CineX and OPlayer. None of these seem to have the feature either. If they do please let me...