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    How do I know if I have iTunes 10.5.1

    I have 3.2.2 on my iPad. There are more things every day I can't do. I've never upgraded because I don't own a p.c. So finally, I've decided to upgrade on someone else's computer. I read it's imperative I have iTunes 10.5.1. I'm told all my apps are up to date. Does that mean I already have it?
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    I want to upgrade to IOS 5.1 - don't own p.c.

    I have an I-Pad version 1 with 3.2.2 on it. I want to upgrade to IOS 5.1. From what I read this must be done by not only connecting with a p.c., but it must be a p.c. that the I-Pad is used to and has connected with previously. If it is connected with a strange computer it might not back up...