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    Jigsaw App

    Anyone recommend a good jigsaw app with plenty of jigsaws! Call me sad.... :)
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    PS3 youtube in HD downloads in mp4

    Found a way to download full hd YouTube clips to the ps3. It does this in mp4 format and can be saved to a USB and copied into iTunes. I know this can be done by using YouTube rippers but doing it this way is very good quality. The website is
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    My ipad cake

    My family know that I'm dying for an iPad! To rub it in even more I got an iPad cake!
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    ipad 2 or new iphone

    I'm desperate for an iPad 2 but I just can't be spending money on an iPad and the new iPhone (probs out in sept). I want an iPad because you can do so much more on it when compared to an iPhone. I have an iPhone 3GS currently. I could get the iPad 2 now its just I know when apple launch the new...