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    Looking for a new Note-taking app for iPad, Windows, Mac, etcetera

    Hello: I currently use GoodNotes, and I like it because it allows me to import a PDF document and take notes right on it. The problem is, GoodNotes does not have a PC counterpart. I want to be able to do the same things on a PC or Mac that I can do on my iPad. And that includes DRAWING and...
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    My ipad's gps always on, running up my data and wearing down battery

    Subject says it all... No apps running, already shut off and restarted, no effect. Little gps icon is active in upper rt corner, and no apps should be using it. Plus, I'm out of data now. How can I reset the GPS or iPad? iOS 6.1
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    Looking for a good iPad app for recording my labor on various projects

    My company has a time recording system but the only way to input time is as a sum total for a given charge code for the whole day. The smallest unit we can charge is in tenths (.1 hour = 6 minutes). But it gets hard to track if I work 6 minutes here, 12 minutes there, and then I get a phone...
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    Fonts are too small on the IPF app.

    Help! I need to enlarge the fonts on the ipf app. I can't see anything without my reading glasses, which makes this forum useless on those days that I forget...
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    Missing Music from iPad 3

    Imagine my surprise when my 35 GB music library just disappeared from my iPad 3! It appears that all is fine on iTunes on my main computer. Syncing via USB or WIFI seems to not replace the songs on the iPad, however. So what broke it? I have Backup to this computer selected, as well as "open...
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    Hello from an iPad newbie

    Greetings! Happy with my new iPad so far. Shopping for apps, but the budget is tight after buying this thing, so I'm sticking mostly to "free". :p I've been searching and browsing the threads here and they have been very helpful thus far. Have a great day!